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It was solely the brilliance of Hitler(TM)s leadership which brought the Nazi(TM)s to power(TM) Use sources and your own knowledge to explain whether you agree

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'It was solely the brilliance of Hitler's leadership which brought the Nazi's to power' Use sources and your own knowledge to explain whether you agree with this view. Hitler's strong and determined character can undeniably be a factor towards the Nazi's rise to power. However, I will look into many other factors such as political and social developments and study just how Hitler manipulated situations to his advantage and gained power from other people's mistakes. Another significant aspect which I will explore will be the Nazi's use of propaganda and Hitler's skill as a public speaker and question these events amongst others to decide whether the Nazi's success was really based solely upon the brilliance of Hitler's leadership. The stock market collapsed on Wall Street on Tuesday, October 29, 1929, financial markets worldwide collapsed with disastrous effects. Germany in particular was vulnerable as they struggled to pay back reparations from World War 1 and hyperinflation cast millions into poverty. The great depression began as Germany was in turmoil; there was political unrest, economic despair and mistrust in the government. ...read more.


The book promoted a Nazi way of life and expressed Hitler's views. The most important change that came out of the Munich beer hall putsch was Hitler's outlook on the Nazi's power. From then on, Hitler realised that the only way to gain power was to be elected. Hitler failed to achieve his first goal and the putsch was poorly organised. However, the putsch's outcome could have been catastrophic but Hitler cleverly made the most of the situation and by releasing a book that encouraged his ideas he gained a lot of support from Germany. The Reichstag fire was seen as a pivotal event in the establishment of Nazi Germany. The apparent fire starter was a communist called Van Der Lubbe. Hitler manipulated the situation and to prove his theories that the communists were trying to seize power by using violence. He convinced President Hindenburg to arrest 4000 communist and to give a decree for the protection for people. This prevented Nazi opposition from holding public meetings and to arrest more communist. ...read more.


It could be said that Hitler used persistent use of propaganda was a good leadership move but it could also be said that the propaganda the Nazi party used were fear tactics to scare people into thinking groups such as Jews, homosexuals and black people were responsible for their problems. I conclude, there are many key events that lead to the Nazi's rise to power. Hitler was a very powerful man, but he could not have been without cleverly manipulating many situations to his advantage. Although events, before hand would have seemed a hindrance to the Nazi party Hitler would skilfully turn these situations his benefit for example the Reichstag fire and the Munich beer hall putsch. The Nazi's power wasn't solely down to Hitler's leadership. The Wall Street crash was the crucial event that led the Nazi party to power. Germany were in turmoil and struggling to cope from the effects of World War 1, without the wall street crash happening the great depression wouldn't have followed and Germany wouldn't be in the chaos it was in. ?? ?? ?? ?? 28/10/08 ...read more.

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