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REASONS FOR THE FAILURE OF THE 1848 - 49 REVOLUTION IN ITALY Like in 1820 and 1830 the attempts by the Italian patriots and revolutionaries in 1848 - 49 rid themselves of despotic and foreign rule of Austria ended in failure. The reasons for this fiasco are many and varied. a) First, the Piedmontese King Charles Albert was hesitant and indecisive in declaring war on Austria. He lost valuable time which enabled the Austrians to organise themselves. ...read more.


c) Equally significant in the defeat of the revolution was the sudden defection of Pope Pius IX. The Pope's actions were: i. The Pope lost the opportunity to pose as leader of the Italian cause. May liberals and federalists lost faith in the pope. ii. The Italian revolt was seriously weakened. Popular enthusiasms for the nationalist cause weakened since the Pope withdrew his moral support. iii. King Ferdinand II (Bomba) ...read more.


Local feelings were strong and Charles Albert was not popular in the rest of Italy. Outside Piedmont there was little organisation to the revolts and there was a diversity of aims. These divisions made it extremely difficult to achieve a properly coordinated plan of campaign against the Austrians. f) Also, the failure of the revolutions in Austria itself had liberated many troops for operations against the Italians and also enabled the key fortresses of the "Quadrilateral" to be reinforced. g) Finally, the lack of external assistance was also a factor which proved that the advocates of "Italia fera da se" were wrong. ...read more.

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