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Feudalism in Europe

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Feudalism in Europe Feudalism was the structure of society during the European Middle Ages. It is also known as hierarchy. Feudalism is a social and political system used during the 13th Century. It started after the fall of the Roman Empire and everyone had to abide by it. Feudalism was used because peoples' needs for protection from invaders and landowners' defense. Since this was in place, it affected everyone (kings, lords, knights, and serfs). ...read more.


The lord's day consisted of hunting, defending manors, and overseeing the serfs or peasants. They also settled legal disputes. They were important because they were powerful and worked in the clergy. The lords gave the knights food and land. In return, they received protection and loyalty. That was the job of the lords in the feudal society. The knights were the third rank in feudal society. They used most of their days practicing for battle, jousting, and entertaining people. ...read more.


The serfs are the lowest ranking group in feudal society. The serf had to do their own cooking and cleaning. They also worked for land. They have the lords food and the lords gave then land to live on along with protection. Serfs made up 80% of the opoulation. That the role of the serf in feudal society. Since feudalism is in place, its affects everyone - kings, lords, knights, and serfs. The king's provide the lords with land and received protection and loyalty. The lords gave the knights food and received protection. The serfs gave the lords food and got land to live on. That is what Eurpoean feudalism was like. ...read more.

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