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For this next question I will be exploring weather the quote "evacuation was a great success" by using my own knowledge and the sources in the booklet.

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For this next question I will be exploring weather the quote "evacuation was a great success" by using my own knowledge and the sources in the booklet. Source A suggests that the evacuation wasn't really a success for a number of reasons. "Arrangements did not always go smoothly" This goes to show that the organisation of the evacuation was something that needed work on. It also talks about people not coping with their new surroundings and that people just didn't really fit in as it says "There were reports of people fouling in gardens, hair crawling with lice and bed wetting." Some may say that they did all these as a sign that they had no respect for there surroundings but I see it differently, the fact that people are bedwetting could just be a sign of anxiety and nervousness. Although this is only a secondary source from a textbook for children it is still backed up by the fact that all of these things actually happened at the time. There were some cases of towns expecting a school of children to come but then they would end up with forty pregnant women on their doorsteps. Source B is obviously for evacuation and is agreeing with the quote "evacuation was a great success " I am led to believe this because looking at the picture it seems like it was taken for a newspaper or something else of that calibre. ...read more.


As previously stated the photo was taken during the war so is a primary source that makes just a bit more reliable. Sources E and F are both defiantly against the idea that "evacuation was a great success" as they are both complaining about either the people they had sent to them or the places they were sent to. Source E is from a mother of a host family taken 49 years after the war so vital details from her memory may have been lost or she may add things for no apparent reason. The main topic of discussion in the source is the toilet habits of her new guests, "The children went round the house urinating on the walls" and then goes on to say " Although we told the children and there mother off about this filthy habit they took no notice and our house stank to high heaven." This does not sound like a woman who is very pleased with her evacuees. A lot of this was going on as there were many complaints all over the country abut the disgusting hygiene an habits the people had such as bed wetting, "fouling" in the garden, and the fact that some of them had never brushed there teeth up until when they were living in the hosts establishment. The fact that the house did have two toilets though means they could have been doing all this because they wanted to go home so thought if they make a nuisance of themselves then the government would send them packing. ...read more.


They can't be looked after where they're sending him" This shows some of the country wasn't as willing as others and didn't trust the people who were going to look after there children. He also talks of how there wasn't enough food to feed the people before the war so this may have been one of the biggest concerns for parents sending there children away, that they wouldn't be looked after properly. I would say without a doubt that this source is completely against the idea of evacuation and is therefore contradicting the quote "evacuation was a great success" My over all opinion is that you could not call the evacuation a success at all as there was to many complications involved such as difference in up bringing, costs quite a lot for the hosts, people didn't trust the system, some people were rebellious against the hosts and finally it made a new kind of prejudice and there is enough of that around already. I must admit a lot of lives were saved and in some cases people enjoyed having evacuees in there houses and said it was so much fun it took there mind of the war. If evacuation didn't take place a lot of people in built up areas like London would have been killed for sure so it id have its good points that saved the British population but overall I would disagree and say no, evacuation was not a great success, it was I good idea but not a success. ...read more.

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