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For What Reasons Did Auschwitz Prove To Be An Ideal Location For A Nazi Death Camp.

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For What Reasons Did Auschwitz Prove To Be An Ideal Location For A Nazi Death Camp. The Auschuwitz Birkenau death camps have been given a chilling reputation, due to the horrors that occurred during World War II. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were slaughtered, and it was the Nazi's primary death camp, the main reason was possibly down to its ideal location. Officials met at the Wannsee conference in Berlin on the 30th of January 1942. The conference was set up to find a 'final solution' to the problem of the existence of Jew's, this was thought to be a major problem in Europe by the Nazi's. An official plan was made at the Wannsee conference, the plan being the Jews had to be totally obliterated, however to think that the whole idea of obliterating the Jews was composed at the Wannsee conference would simply be officiating what was already going on, as we know this act of torture was being exercised for many years before. ...read more.


The Nazi's had taken over Auschwitz 1 which only consisted of Nazi designed Polish army barracks which were previously used to lodge political prisoners of war. Auschwitz impressed many of the Nazi's as a very ideal site to carry out mass murder of the Jews, Hoss was confident about this location as it already had a 'few huts left over', these could ideally be used to accommodate Jews. Also it was located on land extending over 40 kilometers and was 'capable of expansion'. These reasons were helpful, but were not the sole incentive for Auschwitz being the ideal. The area was very remote, and barely had 1600 citizens, which made the massacres more discrete, with minimal disturbance. The area was almost marshland, hence why there were few inhabitants. This factor was also a massive benefit to the Nazi's, as it made escape difficult/impossible. If escape was achieved, the habitants were split 50/50, some were Pro Nazi and the others were against Nazism. ...read more.


Factors such as Auschwitz central location in the third Reich, 40 kilometers of land to expand on, the rail links with Polish and USSR Jews, Polish army barracks that could ideally be used to accommodate Jews and a very minute population proved Auschwitz to be an ideal location for a Nazi death camp. I personally feel that the most important reason was the rail links between the death camp and locations populated with Jews around Europe. Without these I think the Nazi's would have struggled in trying to transport so many Jews to the death camp. Nevertheless even without these rail links, Hitler would have still done almost anything to carry out the 'final solution' but the destruction of the Jews would have been on a much smaller scale. To conclude, Auschwitz, Birkenau and Monowitz all consisting of an isolated environment and many more factors proved to be extremely ideal and appropriate for death camps and Birkenau being the main camp for exercising the extermination of Jews. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ramandeep Auluk GCSE History Coursework ...read more.

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