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For Whom the Bell Tolls

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For Whom the Bell Tolls The apocalypse. That's what they called it. That's what it was. No one knows how it happened, or why. It just did. The apocalypse. The principality of Kotor where the ones said to have started it. Well, so say the rumours. But they're believable. Though, no ones really sure. They had been trying to control everything on the planet ever since they came into power; but the Earth Alliance thought their ways too destructive and violent. They were. Drastic action, according to the Alliance, had to be taken. It never was. Never had a chance to be. The battle was over before it began. Well, not completely. The Alliance still had some strength... Somewhere in the Philippines, a small base, to fit about one hundred men sits high in the mountains... All that is seen through the trees is a small, what seems to be, ordinary cabin. Closer to it and behind, is a very hidden ditch, completely invisible to those who don't know of it. Three thousand-two hundred metres across. In the ditch, sits this base. A tall grey, metallic building, with radar domes on the rooftop, and what looks to be a viewing area, a lookout point as it were. The cabin is placed in front of the ditch, so anyone coming along the path wouldn't think otherwise. But to seasoned professionals, a doorway to all the guns and ammo a man, or woman for that matter, could ever want. ...read more.


The inside of the Ark wasn't much better than the outside. It just looked like your average shopping mall. But bigger. There were shops everywhere, windows everywhere, lifts, escalators everywhere! But nothing at all to take or use, otherwise this would have been an even better headquarters than that group of the Alliance already had. Except the Principality knew where it was, and therefore try to take it back. It had been a few days since the victory at the Ark and for some, who decided to throw a party, the fun wasn't over. Yamoto had been in a restoration tank for quite some time, and his leg was completely healed. In fact, he had been out on many missions since he came out; some unknown to the others, and some with the others. But there was something bothering him. Something strange. Unusual. As if something was building up inside of him, but he didn't know whether it would burst out, or settle calmly. He even went to see the psychics. Bad move. The psychics didn't know what it was either, so they did some tests. They made things worse. He went missing... Reports had been coming in about people being attacked by a thing, down in lower London. Victims had apparently been eaten. So a team was sent in by the Alliance to go and check out these reports, but they never came back. So another was sent in. ...read more.


But alas, they did not succeed. A soldier had been looking to the East, and saw a figure emerging from the light. He screamed to everyone about what he had just seen, and sure enough, Shinkai came over the wall, with Yamoto in his arms, holding on to him dearly. He laid Yamoto down on an old, dusty mattress, and sit by his side. Seeing Yamoto take a breath, Shinkai went crazy. He couldn't believe that he was still alive. Everyone else was asked by Yamoto to leave; he wanted to talk to Shinkai, alone. He told him everything. From the beginning. He told him, that the echoes told him of this. About the mutation, about Big Ben. Everything. But Shinkai was still confused. "But why thirteen? Its onl..." "Thirteen? Because the last chime was for me. It didn't come from Big Ben. I don't know where it came from, but it was for me... it is my time..." "You're not dying are you? Are you?" he was getting extremely worried. "No, I'm not dying. I cant. I am already dead..." Before his eyes, Shinkai saw his best friend go from a fairly active being, to a limp dummy. He stared. Stared at his best friend. He put down his body, and left. Shinkai bumped into James again along the way. "Well?" James asked. "What did he tell you?" "He...He..." Shinkai was trying to answer, with tears flooding his face. He found it almost impossible, but was able to in the end. "He...told me, for whom...the bell tolls..." Carl Willis 10ssm English Coursework ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE International relations 1900-1939 section.

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