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Franklin D Roosevelt and the New Deal.

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Franklin D Roosevelt and the New Deal a. Explain the main features of the New Deal In 1932, when Franklin Roosevelt made his 'New Deal' speech America was in severe economic depression. This is why it was welcomed, because America was in need of help and restoration. The New Deal offered relief, recovery and reform, its main new policies being directly associated with unemployment, agriculture, land, and the American industry and economy. To deal with these issues, Roosevelt set up a number of agencies that dealt with them. They became known as the alphabet agencies because they were known with their initials. I will be discussing the main features of the New Deal in more detail in this question. During the depression, farmers had suffered greatly. With over a million people unemployed, and an equal proportion homeless, the cities could not afford to buy all of the food the farmers' were producing. Therefore, their income dropped dramatically, and by 1932, one in twenty of all farm owners had been evicted from their homes for failure to pay mortgage repayments. Roosevelt felt that the best thing to do would be to persuade the farmers to cut their production. In March 1933 the Agriculture Adjustment Administration (AAA) was set up. This provided a system to persuade farmers not to grow as many crops, thus raising farm prices and values and reducing surplus. ...read more.


Seven billion dollars was spent on employing skilled men to build dams, bridges, sewage systems and houses. Hospitals and schools were constructed and a lot of people were given jobs. These agencies intended to give work and produce money were not the only features that the New Deal contained. As many Americans were struggling with poverty and homelessness, Roosevelt set up some schemes to help the needy. The Federal Emergency relief Administration was put into action. It was know as the FERA. This administration was given five hundred million dollars to help the thousands of Americans who were homeless, in desperate poverty, without education and without a lot of nourishment or clothing. Most of the money was used to set up more soup kitchens and breadlines, to provide clothing, schools and employment schemes. The Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) loaned money to over a million people to prevent them from loosing their homes, so they could continue to pay off their mortgages, until they got back onto their feet. These brought up people's living standards and helped them to become more focused again. As for getting America's industry back on to its feet, a number of actions were taken. Another alphabet agency, the NRA (National Recovery Administration) was set up by the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA). ...read more.


The long-term aim of this was to improve the confidence of workers and to encourage them to speak out about issues within companies. With these gradually increasing, workers and employment would rise, as they were being given equal say and fair rights. The Social Security Act was set up in 1935. Many European countries had set up social security to help the old, the sick and the unemployed. America had held back on this, because President Hoover believed that good Americans would provide for they're own future. In 1935 Roosevelt introduced the act, which proposed to give state pension to everyone over 65 years old, to support the handicapped, and support for mothers with dependant children. It also proposed an unemployment insurance scheme to be provided by the individual states, with aid from the federal government. In conclusion, the New Deal and the Second New Deal had main features that all had long term aims to improve America, and to help bring it out of the depth of the depression. There were other smaller acts introduced, but these were all contained in the main features of the New Deal. Roosevelt came to the American people just in time, and they believed that he would help them. There was opposition to the New Deal, but the many numbers of people who needed serious help overcame this, and though the New Deal was not a one hundred percent success, it did improve the lives of millions of Americans. ...read more.

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