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Franz Ferdinand Assasination

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Archduke Franz Ferdinand essay Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. He was visiting Sarajevo, a town in Bosnia, to inspect the army. The Black Hand was a nationalist terrorist group who wanted to free the Slav peoples in Bosnia and Montenegro, a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Black Hand wanted to carry out an act that they thought would make a difference to the future of Slav peoples. This act was to assassinate the Archduke. On the 28th of June 1914, the archduke and his wife went through the streets of Sarajevo in open topped car along a route, which was, published everywhere along the city. A bomb was thrown from the crowd and blew up just in front of the car the Archduke and his wife were travelling in. The car rushed to the town hall where the route was changed. However, the driver was not informed and turned the wrong way but when the driver slowed the car down, the breaks got jammed and the car stalled. Gavrillo Princip, who thought the Archduke was already dead from the previous attack, saw the car stop and took his gun out. ...read more.


Secondly, the Duke insisted on travelling in an opened top car saying 'I will not allow myself to be kept in a covered cage. I do take advice from my security guards but God will protect me'. Another reason is that he also insisted in continuing the tour after the first assassination attempt. Also the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was not informed of all the dangers of going to Sarajevo. He was only told of the few by his Uncle Franz Josef. Also Franz Ferdinand was not asked whether he wanted the army the army to clear up the streets before resuming back on to the tour. A well planned plot by the Black Hand This theory has some good reasons and some bad reasons. Firstly the assassins had travelled to Sarajevo in advance to avoid detection by police. This shows signs of good planning. Also, the assassins had trained by shooting at targets and had planned where each one was going to be placed. Another reason is that they had backup plans in case other plans went wrong or failed. Finally they all had poison to commit suicide. ...read more.


Secondly luck was major factor because had Princip not been, luckily might I add, in the right place at the right time when the car stalled he would never had the chance to shoot at the royal couple. Also it was lucky for the terrorists that the police and the Archduke were stupid enough to let the parade continue allowing them to have another chance at the Archduke. Finally the third major factor was Franz Ferdinand's fault, mainly for even travelling to Bosnia in the first place despite been told not to go by the current emperor his uncle not to go because of the danger of the Black Hand. Personally I think that the Bad planning by the police was really to blame more than anything simply because how silly it was to publicise the route allowing any terrorist to use information that would make an assassination so much easier. Also I think that the driver might have been from the black hand because he misunderstood a simple route. Overall my conclusion is that all factors, except that it was partly an accident, played roles in the blame, but the most blame should go to Chance, Luck or fate and bad planning by the police. Jawad Ali ?? ?? ?? ?? Jawad Ali 9B ...read more.

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