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Friars Bush -Using the sight and supplied sources (K-Y), suggest reasons for this growth

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Question 2A There is evidence of growing sectarianism in Belfast during the 19th century. A) Using the sight and supplied sources (K-Y), suggest reasons for this growth. In the 18th century, Belfast's extremism between catholic and protestant was seemed amicable. According to source A, St. Marys Catholic Church was built in 1784 and was built by generous donations from Belfast's Protestants and volunteers. Although we can still see in source K that in 1782 was only 1,092 catholic's to the protestant 13,100 living in Belfast. By 1841 the catholic population had dramatically risen to 24,000 to the 75,300 Protestants. This number and date also corresponds with the first major outbreak of sectarianism rioting in 1857 which lead to development of segregated housing. Protestant preachers were influencing Protestant's on their ideas and feeling on Catholic people. ...read more.


Friar's bush had become 'dangerously overcrowded' this shows an increase in catholic people coming to Belfast. Protestants believed that Catholics spread disease and they were the reason for disease spreading in Belfast. Source A describes how after the famine there was a 'massive influx of beggars into Belfast..' led to an 'outbreak of typhus and cholera.' Friar's Bush had to re-open their cholera pit during the same time which can give us the indication that many were Roman Catholics. 'Large scale migration of rural Catholics in Belfast in search of work,' may also had led to the increase in the number of cases of fever which are referred to in source F. There was also an apparent increase not just in Belfast, with the ending of the penal laws and passing of the Catholic Emancipation Act in 1829 'following a successful campaign by Daniel O'Connell,' this meant that catholic's could now vote and become MP's. ...read more.


the top of the path in friar's bush he also recalls that the cross had been in terrible condition 'Local Catholic people were removing parts of it as souvenirs, Protestant folk from Sandy Row were attacking it'. The cross was removed quietly and this lead to the catholic people believing the protestant people took their cross, One of Sandy Row's most popular sectarian songs was sung during drunken attacks on friars bush, 'Who Cut the Cross'. In 1864 source O states that a fake priest led a large funeral proceeding through Sandy Row to Friars bush graveyard were they were intending to burry an effigy of Mr Dan O'Connell's ashes, though this plan did not proceed when they were met at the gate by Patrick McCabe, the care taker of Friars Bush. Therefore there is a clear indication that there was growing sectarianism in Belfast during the 19th century. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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