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Galleries that house exhibitions of artworks.

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Studio Arts Unit 4 Photography Research Assignment Outcome 3 1. There are three different types of galleries that house exhibitions of artworks. One such form is a public gallery. A public gallery is a non-profit organisation who are funned by the government, bequests and donations. A public gallery is responsible for the collection, storage and display of artworks in accordance with gallery policies. They have a range of temporary exhibitions that cover a broad range of artistic styles and genres. Artworks may be the work of individual artists or a group of artists. The Bendigo Art Gallery for example displays the works of key contemporary artists who may be based in Bendigo or beyond. When an exhibition is held in the gallery, the gallery is responsible for the display of the work, organising and opening function, promotion of the exhibition through advertisement and promotions also through other media sources such as newspapers, television and radio. As public galleries do not gain a profit from exhibitions they are able to choose to display any kind of art, regardless of the artworks commercial appeal to the public audience. A commercial galleries are another type of gallery. They are a private business which is profit based. They are responsible for a stable of artists, which are selected by the Director of the galley. ...read more.


They undersee the handling, transportation and storage of the artwork while in the gallery. Depending on the type of artwork the lighting needs to be chosen to suit that particular piece. Light deteriorates most works of art, and there are three basic categories of light sensitivity of artworks; Highly Sensitive Moderately Sensitive Insensitive All works on paper Paintings (oil and acrylic) Metal Textiles Furniture Glass Photographs Wood Sculptures Marble Some plastic items Stone Some mixed media works Ceramics Exhibited at 50 lux* Exhibited at 150 -200 lux* Exhibited up to or at 800 Lux* (but no set limit). * Lux: is the internationally recognised unit of energy. The Registrar needs to keep the artworks in the best suited lighting for them so that the rate of deterioration of the artwork can be limited. When transporting the artworks from their crates and around the gallery the proper handling of the artworks needs to be taken into account. When handling any artworks gloves must be worn. There are different types of gloves to wear and it depends on the type of artwork to which glove should be worn. Latex gloves should be worn when handling paper, metal, ceramic and glass artworks. Cotton gloves should be worn when handling paintings and framed works. Cotton doesn't give the tension needed to hold on to sculptures and therefore cannot be used for all types of artworks. ...read more.


The only time that I believe that it could be classified as a form of art is if Laala was to in her own home or studio, vomit on canvas or something other than the bank atms and street corners like she has been. Title: Hogging the bed. Paper: Herald Sun. Date: 6th June 2004. Author: Weird World. Cosimo Cavallaro's art piece 'Absolute Pressed Ham' is under much question as like the Amal Laala protest. Is placing a pile of 115kg of pork on a bed art? Again many believe that this isn't art, that it is just something thrown together and hey presto it's not an artwork. Before his stunt Cavallaro said "I have to do it, or else the idea is like a ball and chain, weighing me down". His previous art works include a 2002 stunt where he covered an entire house with 10,000 pounds of cheese. I believe Cavallaro's work to also not be art. This art piece doesn't represent and shown any expression and meaning. There is nothing to show what the artist was feeling and nothing to generate any feelings from the piece itself except that the question of how can this be art? is raised in the viewers mind. The idea that he has made more then one of these silly excuses for art is beyond me. While some people may call his work a form of art I still feel that the definition of art isn't being justified by Cavallaro's work, or by Laala's. Research Assignment ...read more.

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