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GALLIPOLI MODEL A2 Question 1. How useful are the views of Anzac soldiers at Gallipoli suggested in Source A, B and C. Explain your answer.

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CW 29th June 08 GALLIPOLI MODEL A2 Question 1. How useful are the views of Anzac soldiers at Gallipoli suggested in Source A, B and C. Explain your answer. All the sources are useful because even though they may not be reliable, they show the people's opinion of the Gallipoli campaign. Sources that show peoples opinion can be used to explore how the solders felt through out the wars. Source A was published in 1916, just one year after the Gallipoli campaign. This makes it a primary source, which could mean that its more reliable as it was written nearer the time, and details have had less time to be forgotten. It was made on the Gallipoli peninsular, which shows that the artist had an eye witness account this would mean he was relying on his own knowledge not someone else's. Although it as created by an Australian artist, which might mean it, is biased or exaggerated because he might want to make the Australians look better, it shows both the good and bad side of the war. ...read more.


It is a secondary source so it might be more reliable because there might be more sources available. Also the people who have written the sources he's based his book on have had time to recover from the shock they may have suffered and write the sources more accurately. I know part of it is truthful and is reliable, as I know that the citizen soldiers were trained from an early age for military. It is also similar to the feeling in Britain - " to be left behind was unthinkable." So we know that this part is truth and reliable. However, part of the source is unreliable as it is just one man's opinion (John Kegan). "New Zealanders skills with the rifle and spade would win them a reputation as the best soldiers in the war during the 20th Century." We know this is not true as the New Zealanders lost their battle at the Gallipoli campaign to the Turks. ...read more.


It also has some inaccurate points i.e. 'absolutely unaffected by the bullets' - this cannot be true as many troops were killed by bullets. I know that there were 200,000 allied casualties and some of these were from the ANZAC troops, therefore they weren't unaffected by bullets. This source is best used as an opinion and insight into what was thought of the Australians rather than as reliable account of what actually happened. In conclusion Sources A, B and C are useful in different ways. Source A is the most reliable and accurate account of what actually happened and could be used to show what actually happened. Source B and C is best used as opinions of what happened, where the truth may have been exaggerated or distorted. It can be used to show an account from the ANZAC point of view and how their people felt towards the campaign. C WEBB ...read more.

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