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Gallipoli movie essay

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Gallipoli How does Archie feel about the war? Do you think this is typical for most young men of the time? Archie desperately wants to go to war. He thinks of it as an adventure and wants to see the world like his uncle had. He has a sense of national pride and feels he owes it to his country like most of the young men. How is the patriotic feeling of the time portrayed at the athletics meeting? They encourage everyone to join up, to support their mates and country. The men find it and exciting thing and see it as a kind of a game. What reasons are suggested for why men volunteered? Consider the ideas of Franks friends working on the railways. Some reasons suggested where; fear of humiliation if they didn't sign up, a more interesting job with better pay, an exciting environment to be in, the opportunity to see the world like a free holiday, a desire to support their mates and country and that their uniforms would attract women. ...read more.


The Lighthorse is therefore seen as superior to the Infantry and are distinguished by there stylish uniforms and a feather in their cap. The Anzacs were renowned for their humour and larrikin behaviour. Show how the scenes in Egypt reflect this. The four Aussie men from the railway make fun of the British commander by impersonating him and chanting "if England needs a hand well here it is". They try to make light of bad situations by making jokes and laughing with their mates. What is the attitude towards the English officers? What does this perhaps suggest about the Australian character? The Australians find the English officers very pompous in the way he speak and act. The Australians attitude towards the officers is one of bemusement. Although some are able to show respect, others make fun of them. How does the relationship between Frank and Archie bring out the notion of mateship? Mateship is an Australian term to describe the bond forged between men particularly in war time. ...read more.


What impression is given of the nature of fighting? It's disorganised, chaotic and random. Know one really knows what's coming next. What do we see of the Turks? Why do you think so little attention is given to the Turkish side in the story? We see the Turkish prisoners and we recognise that they are the enemy. The story is being told from the Australian point of view about the experience of the Australian soldiers. Does the film suggest an anti-British bias? Yes it does. It suggests that the British had little regard for the lives of Australian soldiers. They were prepared to sacrifice Australian lives in order that British soldiers could safely land elsewhere. What do you see as the significance of the final scene? How do you feel about the way the film ends? For many Gallipoli was a major tragedy and a total disaster which left 60,000 innocent Australians dead. For a young and small nation it was a terrible price to pay. The entire operation was a senseless waste of life. ...read more.

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