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GCSE Coursework: America Between the Wars

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GCSE Coursework: America Between the Wars Use source A and your knowledge of the period to explain why people supported Roosevelt in the 1932 election. 1. When Roosevelt was elected, he won because the majority of the America supported his promises and the New Deal. Herbert Hoover had believed in what he called 'rugged individualism' and that the government should not interfere with people's problems. This meant that with the Great Depression people said 'In Hoover we trusted and now we are busted'. When Roosevelt was elected in 1932, he had promised to restore the confidence and economy of America. In source A, he refers to his campaign as a 'call to arms' as though America was at war and not just in a depression. Roosevelt's speech also shows that he cares about the future of America and has ideas for helping America including the New Deal. He reached out to Americans to help them, and they accepted him as the president to America. How do these two judgements on the New Deal differ? 2. Source B was written in favour of Roosevelt's actions and New Deal whereas Source C was written against Roosevelt. Source B explains how there was a 'restoration of confidence' whereas source C says that a quarter of people 'depend on employment by the government'. ...read more.


Which sources are more useful as evidence about public opinion towards the New Deal? 5. Source I is the most useful co it was a popular song that implies that a lot of people knew it and sung along to it, heard it, enjoyed it, and more importantly they liked and agreed with it. Source H is still useful because it is a letter from the public, displaying the opinions of the alphabet agencies such as the HOLC. The public found it easy to talk to Roosevelt because of his Fireside Chats, which made Roosevelt seem a lot friendlier, then other presidents. Hoover was cold and aloof, but Roosevelt actually talked to the public. However, the source implies that source H was used as propaganda and could have been edited slightly. It still only one letter whereas source I was a popular song that displays a lot more people's opinions than the writer of just one letter. Why do you think these two people disagree about the New Deal? 6. They disagree because they have different attitudes, outlooks and backgrounds. The businessman who wrote source J was a 'self-made businessman' that makes him similar to Herbert Hoover. He may also have disliked the New Deal because of higher taxes and possibly accept trade unions. Whereas Frances Perkins worked for Roosevelt and was in the cabinet that meant she must have had quite a lot in common with his ideals. ...read more.


Source C was written by an historian but it was included in a book called 'The Roosevelt Myth' which was obviously against Roosevelt and would have tailored facts and sources to show this. Source E was drawn for an American newspaper and supports the second statement by showing Roosevelt pour taxpayer's money into the very inefficient New Deal. This cartoon, like most cartoons, was used as propaganda and was obviously drawn to be biased against Roosevelt. Source J supports the second statement by explaining how the New Deal 'kills a man's initiative'. The source was, however, written by a businessman who would have been caused several problems by the New Deal such as taxes, trade unions, and paperwork. Whilst the New Deal reduced some unemployment there was still a lot of it around and not everyone benefited from the alphabet agencies. Neither statement is right or wrong. The New Deal was a mixture of both statements. The New Deal helped a lot of the poor out of poverty, but it didn't help all of Americans living in poverty, especially black Americans. The rich businessmen were ignored or taxed by the New Deal so they were against it from the start and agreed with Hoover's 'rugged individualism'. All of the sources are difficult because they often have a point to make and are biased and based on experiences and different opinions. The New Deal helped many people but interfered with others. Lucien West History Coursework City of London School ...read more.

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