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GCSE-History-Changing Roles Of women Explain Why Women Failed To Gain The Right To Vote Between 1900 & 1914

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GCSE History Coursework The Changing Role And Status Of Women In Britain Since 1900 Introduction My coursework essay is going to be based on why women failed to gain the right to vote between 1900 and 1914 and the discussion on whether women would have gained the right to vote in 1918 if the First World War didn't take place. Before the 1900's women had very little rights what so ever and the way in which women were portrayed was by the famous saying of Lord Tennyson "Men to command and women to obey". Women were also not aloud to work in the same line of work as males, women were also paid nearly half less than men. The first real improvements towards women's rights came in 1836 when Caroline Norton appealed against her husband who had wrongly taken her husband from her. ...read more.


To their disappointment The Liberals did the opposite and started a Anti-Suffragettes campaign lead by Henry Asquith. In August 1914 war was declared and Women stopped the protesting to help with the war efforts as more and more men were going off to fight. I believe this to be one of the main reasons as to why women didn't gain the right to vote between 1900-1914 because the women were never given an equal chance, where as when all the men went to fight, women had to replace the men's occupations e.g. train drivers, dock workers, bakers & brewers. The women also played a major part working in ammunition factories and as the government soon found out that women were equal to men and could do the jobs just as good as the males. ...read more.


I believe that the only reason women didn't gain the vote between 1900 and 1914 is because the outrageous stunts pulled off by the Suffragettes only made the government angry and didn't give the women the right to vote as they did not the citizens of Britain thinking they were weak. If the Woman followed the path of the Suffragists they might have got the right much earlier than wanted as the NUWSS were winning the national parties support over e.g. Labour Party by lobbying. It could be argued that women eventually gained the vote through their enthusiastic help and success in what were usually known as male jobs, this showed the government that the women of Britain were no different to the men, this is what I will be discussing in the following question. ...read more.

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