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GCSE History crousework

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Explain how the Schlieffen Plan was meant to work The original Schlieffen plan was created by the German Army Chief of Staff, Alfred von Schlieffen. Chief Schlieffen believed that to win successfully you had to destroy the enemy's field army had to be destroyed first. It was supposed to make sure Germany defeated France briskly and so then they could rush over the German army to fight the Russians. The plan had to avoid a war on two fronts. The plan was set out to achieve total domination of the French in the small time of six weeks so that they would not have to separate their army into two halves. They wanted the entire German army to be able to attack Russia's armed forces head on after the six week assault of France. The German army was to travel through Belgium to attack France unexpectedly by closing in around Paris. ...read more.


But their plan didn't quite work as well as it should have. On the 2nd of August 1914 Germany invaded small, peaceful little Belgium. The Belgium's retaliated quite well by blowing up railways to stop the German army from entering their country on their own will. They also stopped resources and reinforcements from getting to them easily. The Germans also invaded Luxembourg. Britain came upon the decision to declare war on Germany because they had invaded Belgium. The Belgium army was then backed by the BEF- British Expeditionary Force which was made up only 125,000 men. Although it was such a small force it was well facilitated and trained for the war. After helping out the Belgians for a while they moved over toward s the French army at the River Marne so that they could also help them hold of the vicious German forces there. ...read more.


* The Belgians and the BEF fort against the German attacks as soon as they entered Belgium. * Germany thought Britain would not get involved but they did as soon as Belgium became under attack. Britain had promised to defend Belgium. * The plan depended on speedy defeats off each enemy and the Belgians alongside the BEF slowed down the whole rapid process. After the failure of the Schlieffen plan Von Molkte came and took Chief Schlieffen's place in 1906. He decided to make some changes to the Schlieffen plan. The Schlieffen plan was meant to work like this: * Defeat France in a short time of six weeks * Rush over to the eastern border and fight Russia * Defeat both countries as speedily as possible But this plan unfortunately did not work out for the German army since Russia mobilised in just 10 days and attacked Germany and the Belgians along with the BEF slowed down the German attack on France. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sameenah Hafiz Sameenah Hafiz ...read more.

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