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GCSE Prohibition Coursework

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GCSE Prohibition Coursework 1- Study Sources A & B How far do these two accounts agree about prohibition? Source A is from an American History Book and was published in 1973 which means that the author had the advantage of knowledge. Source B is from a Book about American History and was published in 1979, a couple of years after the American History book was published. This author also had the benefit of experience and knowledge. The Sources share a number of similarities. Source A points out "...greatest criminal boom in American history..." This shows that crime only increased, it doesn't give names or figures to back it up. Source B states "Gangsters like Dutch Schulz and Al Capone had turned the avoidance of Prohibition..." and "more than 30,000 'speakeasies' in New York" which displays that names and figures are given in the Source and is more based on facts. Meanwhile, Source A reports that "...the wartime concern for preserving grain for food, feelings against German-Americans who were important in brewing and distilling..." which suggests that there were other reasons for Prohibition to start. ...read more.


As you can see the price on the till says $15 dollars. Also, Source C shows support for Prohibition with alcohol leading to gambling which put forwards that gambling is worse than beer. I can state this by the men playing cards in the background. On the other hand, Source D exhibits support for Prohibition through the blurb saying "A poster issued by the Anti-Saloon League in 1915" which hints that this Source is definitely going to Support Prohibition. Additionally, Source D illustrates support for Prohibition with the quote saying "Daddy's in There..." which appears that the father would rather spend more time drinking than looking after his family, who are much important. Again, Source D explains support for Prohibition from the evidence "And our shoes and stockings and food are in the saloon too, and they'll never come out" which verifies that once you spend your money on beer, you'll never get it back for the essentials things you need it for. It is clear that both of these Sources support Prohibition. I can say this because in the Sources it shows what will eventually happen if you do drink. ...read more.


Nor sold, nor given away" which highlights that this was his intention not what really happened through prohibition. Again, Source F is unreliable as it exhibits "First Prohibition Commissioner" which infers that it is his job to enforce Prohibition. He has to be positive so he can believe he will be able to do it. Yet, Source F is reliable as it displays "The law says that liquor must not be manufactured" which clarifies that it plainly states the facts and that this information could easily be confirmed by the government. On the whole, Sources E & F are neither more reliable than the other. They need to be compared with other Sources. Source I displays all the important people getting money behind other peoples backs which can support Source E as it says "respect for the law has been greatly lessened." Sources G & H show statistics increasing for drinking which can also back up Source E as it states "drinking has generally increased." Source B says "The first Prohibition Commissioner had no doubts that he would stamp out the evils of drink" which can back up Source F as it exhibits that the first Prohibition Commissioner will succeed on Prohibition. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Simarpreet Bhamrah ...read more.

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