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Germany, 1918-1945 - Treaty of Versailles.

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Germany, 1918-1945 Question 1. Treaty of Versailles The Treaty of Versailles was the first peace keeping treaty after the First World War. Its aims were to demilitarise, claim compensation and to keep peace with Germany. The signing of the treaty was humiliating and a great embarrassment for Germany and therefore Germany wasn't represented. It was only the victors who attended. In the end, Germany resulted in a great loss of land. Germany also had to pay for the damage it had caused. These were called Respiration Payments, which were instalments of ´┐Ż6600 million. They couldn't pay it because their land had been taken away and had loses to amend, too. Because of this, Germany had to print more money to pay the instalments. Money then lost its value, which led to hyperinflation. Germany's armed forces were cut to 100,000 people; the navy was allowed 6 battleships and no U-boats. They weren't allowed to have an airforce at all. Of course, this upset Germany's armed forces as the majority of them were laid off. This all Helped Hitler's rise to power because the armed forces were out of jobs and Hitler promised reforms of change to put it straight which encouraged the armed forces to vote for him. ...read more.


So, with the aid of Hitler's oratory skills, his personality and leadership, Hitler detested the terms of the Treaty of Versailles in his speeches and like the public, wanted something done about it. Therefore, he promised to make changes in order to regain Germany's humiliating losses. This helped as the public shared the same views as Hitler and so supported him. Then there was the economic depression of 1923 and then 1929. The facts that Germany couldn't afford the Respiration Payments, there was masses of unemployment, higher taxes and hyperinflation meant that Germany was loosing hope. They already were receiving loans from USA to help pay of Respiration Payments. Then when Hitler uses his oratory skills and protests he will lower the taxes, lower the unemployment status, set a new currency to stop inflation, Germany believed they had nothing to loose. So, this too, helps Hitler's rise to power. One other element of Hitler's rise to power is his oratory skills. Since he began his rise to power, he had always been a powerful and meaningful speaker. Hitler, although being a quiet man, was an excellent public speaker. ...read more.


These propelled the Nazi party to new heights of daring, which was highly linked with the speeches Hitler gave and the promotional stunts that the Nazi party held. The party's tactics were very good and effective in their rise to power. However the success was really thanks to Hitler and the character that in the beginning I believe he was portraying but later became. I believe that if the Treaty was not brought forward, the country wouldn't have stumbled into a state of depression and Hitler would never have successfully raised the amount of strong morale that he did, mainly due to pure human conscience. Not many people believe in the majority of the Nazi party's actions and politics. However, there were usually one or two points mostly of unemployment or the stabilising of money, of which the Treaty of Versailles was the cause of; that no one else had offered the German sufferers until then. Their time was that moment; to be the biggest and the best organised and supported party that Germany had had since the war. The people did not know that Hitler's rise to power could cause another. C:\My Documents\Germany 1918-1945\Kelly Duggan.doc ...read more.

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