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Gladiatorial games were one the most popular events displayed in the great amphitheatres of Roman history. Senators held the games as a bribe of trying to get more votes in election times and popularity.

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WHY DID PEOPLE LIKE AND DISLIKE THE GLADIATORIAL GAMES Gladiatorial games were one the most popular events displayed in the great amphitheatres of Roman history. Senators held the games as a bribe of trying to get more votes in election times and popularity. Amphitheatres were oval domes (sort of a similarity to football stadiums today). It was divided into three parts like the theatre, and could seat about 20,000 people. The main tow entrances to the arena were the north and south end. And there was a death gate where the dead were dragged out. Gladiators were slaves who had been bought by trainers because there were physically likely to make or be good fighters. They might have been soldiers who had been puniladitorialshed for crime, other criminals, and captives from foreign battles. Gladiators were probably the only slaves in Rome treated with respect by their master, crowed, and emperor. A successful gladiator received great acclaim; poets praised him, his portrait appeared on gems and vases, and patrician ladies pampered him. ...read more.


But in some other cases they were controversial remarks and issues against the likes of gladiatorial games. A lot of people loved the gore entertainment and others simply thought it was more of a death row situation put on hold until the fighter knows the outcomes, of not surviving. So for years as the games went on, philosophers, politicians and campaigns against gladiatorial games were at a struggle with this loved entertainment by city's citizen. Many spectators loved this mind blowing game and what excitement it held for them. In addition, some people were indeed so much into it; they would sometimes actually volunteer themselves to fight, risking their own lives no matter what the cost. Gladiatorial games became obsessive and praise worthy for years; it kind of felt as if the fighters were being worshipped more than gods were. Once the games had begun and the musical instruments started to play, the crowd felt pumped with joy and hate. ...read more.


But during then and the long years gladiatorial fighting went on, there also seemed to be controversial issues against these games. Some philosophers had made remarks saying that, killing a man charged of any crime to only entertain the crowds and emperor's amusement is wrong and stupid. It's a complete was of time instead having the criminal executed properly or having a proper trial to find whether if he is really guilty or not for his actions. It would just lead the crowd into thoughts of more violence and crime doing than it would if these games weren't put on at all. Another remark said by some citizens of the city was that, more people should be more concentrated on exercising than spending their whole day watching the gladiatorial games. So in the world of gladiatorial fighting, those who had survived were indeed the most luckiest and richest. But those who had perished in front of thousands of people were no more to be seen or heard of. Farai Marimbe AMDG Classical Civilization 23/4/02 ...read more.

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