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Globalization good or bad?

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Winston Churchill was one of the world-famous men who became a Prime Minister of Britain. The quote implies his disagreement and his belief maybe for some reasons that the parliament democratic had been a failure or had some tangible experiences that did not help in achieving his desire of giving the prosperity to his nation. On my own opinion, I totally disagree to what he said. Why be on the negative side? Yes, democracy sometimes tends to be harsh but not at all times. Take for instance, the United States is a presidential democratic country but remains to be the most powerful and influential country in the world. I think no form of government is real nor perfect, but democracy seems to be the best and most effective. ...read more.


Also in both communist and dictatorship countries can easily punished you if you opposed them by getting back your house, job and all your properties. See! Just because of saying what you think needs improvement in their way of government ruling, you might lose everything in just a blink of an eye. I don't understand why most people see monarchy a perfect and prestigious government. It's extravagant; a waste of money and only the royal family is given a chance to rule. Even though people can vote the members of the parliament there still no DIRECT power or say, and what if the king is insane, stupid or cruel? There is also jealousy within the royal family. ...read more.


The person is voice of the government. You vote and select according to your own will and conscience and above all it is in your own hand lies the destiny if who will be the president of your country. Failures sometimes cannot be avoided also on this type of government, wherein the power of democracy is abused and trampled. Implementation of laws must be followed and no people must be above the law. Justice and fairness must be applied between the rich and the poor. Above all its freedom. GOD has given us this freedom and why waste it. That is the essence and beauty in the democratic form of government. So for me I, totally disagree on what Mr. Churchill had said and I am still on the affirmative side. ...read more.

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