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Haber Essay

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"Is it the duty of scientists in wartime, to do everything in their power to defend their country?" Discuss. Science is a provocative discipline based on theories and assumptions, and verified through experiments, and continuously developed through new evidence. Imagine a day without technology, imagine your day without any sort of comfort, and imagine time slowed down, where you have nothing to rely on, science demolishes those nightmares. Science has helped satisfy our need for comfort, convenience and efficiency. 500 years ago, Columbus discovered the New World with a sailboat, across the treacherous Atlantic Ocean through months of ordeal, looking for India; 500 years later, we have developed the technology to travel to the moon in the matter of days. Science has brought great efficiency to the world, however sometimes politicians' quest for power, can tarnish the images upheld by scientists worldwide. Should technology be used for the good, or for power? Should the brilliant mind of scientists be used in warfare, for the good of the country, as the duty of the scientist? The responses to these questions are highly controversial. Firstly, some people argue that the scientists are citizens, just like the normal people who live in that country, therefore it is there duty to protect their country in any means they can. During times of peace, scientists' theories and inventions help improve the quality of life. ...read more.


In the same time huge amount of heat can burn down anything along its shockwave. After the explosion, the radioactive fallouts drift along with the wind, and can cause radioactive poisoning to humans, for a period of few months. The devastating effects of the bomb were witnessed during WWII. After Albert Einstein sent a letter warning president Roosevelt about the chain reaction which can subsequently lead up to the atomic bomb, Roosevelt quickly started the Manhattan Project. The sole purpose of this project was to build a bomb sooner than Hitler. With the available nuclear technology from Fermi, and developed by American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the chief of the Manhattan Project, the nuclear reactor was slowly transformed into a nuclear bomb. The problem with developing the bomb was that the atomic bomb was the production of a large amount of "enriched" uranium to sustain a chain reaction. At the time, uranium-235 was very hard to extract. To make the task even more difficult, the useful U-235 and nearly useless U-238 are isotopes, nearly identical in their chemical makeup. No ordinary chemical extraction method could separate them; only mechanical methods could work. Over 2 billion dollars was spent for the project to be a success. On August 6th and 9th, 1945, the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by the first atomic bombs used in warfare. ...read more.


Harsh? Well that's the spoils of war. Scientists have the choice to agree, or to not agree on whether they want to create a weapon. They also have the choice of creating a weapon that can benefit mankind or one that harms it. Saying that the nuclear bomb is a bad creation would be absurd, if it wasn't for the bomb the affects of WWII would be more catastrophic than ever; however, it wasn't the best creation either. Scientists have created many other great things in the field of weaponry. some examples are the Kevlar vest and the taser. With these inventions soldiers benefit from not being killed when gotten shot in the battle field. Those inventions define a scientists actions and what he or she believes in. In conclusion I think that scientist should be able to help their country, and defend the soldiers that fight for them. However, I disagree with creating weaponry that can kill thousands of innocent people. If the technology is used to protect, not to kill, that in my opinion is a great invention. In this day and age technology can mean the difference between life and death; having the greatest technology in weaponry can enable great protection for the soldiers fighting the war on your countries side, and can mean death for the other. It is for this very reason I think that science should be used for efficiency and the protection of the people, and not for mass murder, let the soldiers do the killing. ...read more.

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