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Haig- Question B

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Field Marshall Haig: "The Butcher Of The Somme" Study Sources B and C. Which one of these two Sources do you trust more? Both Sources have something in them of which can be trusted, Source B claims that the men and in "splendid spirits" which most of them probably were, as the battle had been made out like it was going to be an easy victory. Source C can be trusted because the battle turned out to be a disaster, Private George Coppard claims that the "Hundreds of dead were strung out on the barbed wire" which is very believable because the barbed wire hadn't been cut well. ...read more.


Haig's idea of what the battle had gone like could have been twisted for the better by messengers reporting back to him, 40 miles behind the front line, as many would not like to anger him. Haig being so far away from the front line wouldn't have given him a clear out look on the battle, being so far away. Source B could be trusted due to the fact that a lot of the soldiers would have been in a positive frame of mind before the attack, when Haig claims that all the men are in "splendid spirits", many of the men thought it would have been an easy victory, after 7 days of constant shelling on German front lines the soldiers expected most of them to be dead. ...read more.


Coppard would also have nothing to lie about, unlike Haig who would have to carry the weight of defeat on his shoulders, so Coppard wouldn't have to lie. Although, Source C could be deemed untrustworthy as George Coppard wrote this many years after the battle, so his memory may have been blurred, as only the negative points on the battle would have stayed in his memory. He may also have been exposed to other negative extracts about the battle, changing his opinion. Coppard thought in a 'Pals Battalion', so he may be bitter over the loss of fallen friends, he may also have been pressured to make the account more interesting. Source C is likely a more trustworthy Source, although both Sources B and C are trustworthy to some extent. However limitation makes it unable to completely trust either Source completely. ...read more.

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