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Has the USA's Role in Foreign affairs changed from 1962 to the Present day? Why has this change Occurred?

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Has the USA's Role in Foreign affairs changed from 1962 to the Present day? Why has this change Occurred? The USA has always played a major role in foreign affairs but that role has changed throughout the course of history. Before 1962 America's main aim was to stop the spread of communism through the tactic of containment. Russia was the USA's biggest threat and for years they fought a Cold War with the other superpower country. From 1945 to 1962 America used war through other countries to attack communism. This way the USA and the Soviet Union weren't fighting directly. An organisation containing western powers was set up. They agreed to work together and oppose communist Russia. They called this pact NATO. ...read more.


It's the closest that the world has ever come to total destruction. In 1969 the Communism North of Vietnam, aided by China, began to spread to the Capitalist South and America went back to war. Many American citizens didn't agree with the invasion and after four years and USA eventually withdrew on the orders of President Nixon. Containment had failed both militarily and politically and communism had now gained support from other countries who disapproved of America's use of chemical weapons in Vietnam. The USA realised that they had to allow communism to exist and in 1972 talks were held between President Nixon (USA) ...read more.


Even the USSR had split up into separate states. The world had changed and the USA had to rethink its attitude towards Russia and find a new role in the changing world. Today America is the world's policeman. USA possesses military strength which no other nation has. America is the last superpower. Also the USA largely determines NATO policy as operations are impossible without US forces. President Bush intends to start a programme to develop s shield of satellite weapons and missiles around the USA to destroy any foreign missiles before they can land. This was called "Son of Star Wars." China and Russia object to the militarisation of space and do not want to match the US spending on missile defence. ...read more.

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