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Have black people in America achieved equality?

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Have black people in America achieved equality? In my essay I am going to explain the improvements made by the civil rights movement for black Americans after freedom from slavery. There were many situations that black people faced after freedom from slavery like racial discrimination, segregation between black and white people and torture like lynching. The reasons for why there was an argent need for the civil rights movement was so things would change for black Americans for the better like they would be able to sit together in lunch encounter than separate when they ate. The main achievements that the civil rights movement had was getting an end to segregation and voting rights for black Americans. The key players involved in the civil rights act that made things happen were Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. ...read more.


Later on the second march led by John Lewis and Horsea Williams mounted police attacked the protestors. These's marches had worried president Lyndon B Johnson as a result of this he had sent law enforcements to protect the protestors. Later on 25th March Martin Luther King handed Governor George Wallace a petition signed by over 25,000 black Americans demanding voting rights which had angered the Ku Klux Klan (Racist Organisation) who killed viola Liuzzo while returning from the march. Fortunately for the black Americans in 6th August 1965 President Lyndon B Johnson signed the voting right act. This had meant black Americans by law had the right to vote in elections with white people. This had achieved equality by getting both races black and white to join the right of being able to vote equally. ...read more.


These methods were really effective as segregation was ended in 1954 even though there is this segregation to this day. This achievement meant that black and white people could apply for the same job, use the same facilities and sit and eat together than separating into different rooms. This achievement had achieved equality by getting black and white to learn to share the thing they have, to realise that the skin colour they have does not matter and shouldn't depend on if they should be in the same room. The one problem that still exists today preventing black Americans from achieving equality is the economic side of what black people earn as it has been proven that black people today still earn less than what white people do. ?? ?? ?? ?? H/W Habiboor Rahman 9D 02/11/08 History - Miss Mayet ...read more.

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