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henry breaks with rome

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Why did Henry break with Rome? Well in my assessment I am going to explain the reasons why he did break with Rome and what the benefits for him were. One of the main reasons that Henry broke with Rome was because of love. All he wanted was a son to be heir to the throne but no one had given him one. He was really annoyed with Catherine of Aragon because she was not giving him a son which he really needed .By 1526 she had also had several miscarriages and 5 children had been still born or had died as infants, so in 1527 he asked the catholic church wanted a divorce but the catholic church would not ...read more.


Henry knew that the monasteries were full of gold and that the land around them was very valuable so if he led the church he would be able to take this and pay his soldiers in France. Another reason was henrys faith because in some parts of Europe people called protestants were setting up there own churches they did not agree with the Catholic Church and thought that it had become superstitious and that they were cheating poor people out of there money. Henry and his advisors agreed with some of the things that the Protestants said and he wanted to break with the Catholic Church The last reason was because of power he knew that the Roman Catholic Church was ...read more.


He was also able to pay all his soldiers that fought in the war in France. He obtained the money by taking all the gold, jewellery and land owned by the catholic monasteries The long term consequences were that although Queen Mary tried to change England back into a catholic country it remains to this day a mainly protestant country. In my opinion the main reason that Henry broke with Rome was because he desperately needed a son who could become heir to the throne. In my opinion this was the main reason because Henry wanted to marry Anne Boleyn and he wanted an heir to the throne to take his place after he had died and he did not want it to be Mary because she was a catholic. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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