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Henry v111

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How and why did England change from being a Catholic country to being a Protestant country between 1534 and 1603? England changed from being a Catholic country to being a Protestant country between 1534 and 1601 because of the actions taken by the four Tudor monarchs. They were influenced by the reformation but acted for very different reasons: Henry for mainly political reasons but there was also a love affair involved, Edward followed onto his father's acts, Mary believed faithfully in her religion and wanted a Catholic England and Elizabeth because she wanted more power and wanted to change England back to the religion with which she grew up with. Henry VIII changed religion for political reasons. Henry was bankrupt but he wanted to be powerful in Europe. He had already fought some very expensive wars in Europe and now desperately needed money. He was to fight a next battle against France but without money he would not be able to pay for all the weaponry and soldiers he needed to fight the battle. The monasteries were very rich and owned about a quarter of the land in the county. Henry knew that if he was able to overpower the church he would have the money he needed and more to pay for all his needs. ...read more.


In the same year mass was abolished and was replaced by the communion service which was only used as remembrance to Christ. Edward carried on his father's religion because he knew no other and was too young to make choices for his own so listened to his Protestant advisors. Next to the throne was Mary Tudor. After her brother Edward died in 1553, she became queen as a Catholic. She believed that unless thee Roman Catholic Church was brought back nobody in England would go to heaven when they died. She was desperate to bring Catholicism back to her country but she did not know how. She had some problems to face if she was to take England back to it's original beliefs that even though many people would be glad to goo back to a familiar religion, all the monasteries had been closed down and the land sold off to rich people. Also, next in line to the throne was her sister Elizabeth who was a Protestant, she would certainly take England back to Protestantism but on the other hand four hundred of the most important Protestant leaders had fled to Europe in 1553. Bearing all those thought to mind, in 1554 Mary married the Catholic King Philip of Spain. This provoked a rebellion in Kent. ...read more.


If she was to run England as a good Queen and keep a good relationship with it, she would have to keep her ground and say no to Phillip. Also, Elizabeth did not think she needed a man to help her run a country. Elizabeth changed England one last time to Protestantism because she grew up with that faith and thought it was the most appropriate for her country. In conclusion I think that the reasons for England changing from a Catholic to a Protestant country come under several categories. The first being power: Henry, Elizabeth and Edward all believed that by making themselves head of the church they could have more power over their country. The second category being love: Henry wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon in order to marry Anne Boleyn and Mary loved her country to change England back to Catholicism to get them to heaven. The next category is faith and religion: Edward wanted to keep to his father's religion of Protestantism, Mary believed strongly in Catholicism to bring it back to England and Elizabeth wanted to keep the religion she was taught to know and grew up with. And money: Henry gained a lot of money by taking over the church which helped pay for his soldiers. All of these reasons are the answer to how England changed from a Catholic country to a Protestant country in the 16th Century when the Tudor monarchs ruled. ...read more.

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