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Henry VIII Personality

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´╗┐Henry VIII Personality Reema Begum Miss Ford Henry VIII could on one hand be known as a fun, loving person, however on the other could be recognized as a brutal, ruthless King. Henry loved sports, which included: Jousting, Tennis, and hunting when he was young, however as he grew older his size had become a burden to him, as he was no longer athletic. Henry was intellectual as Wolsey More and Thomas Cromwell could work effectively at his intellectual level. ...read more.


Henry saw women as inferior to men, because of the ranking of women at the time and because of his personal views of them as his main objective was for them to produce a make hair to the thrown Henry was a very fun-loving person, he loved sport and hunting while he was young, and when he was old it was a burden to him that he could no longer be athetic. He was scholarly, and studied religion, he considered himself a buff on the subject. ...read more.


But I believe that, all in all, Henry was a good man. However as he ruled and grew older he showed himself to be greedy, short tempered and lecherous. He robbed the monasteries for money after spending all the money his father had saved. He had many affairs even though he killed one of his wives for suspected infidelity and he turned on his friends and advisors when they didn't agree with him. At the end of his rule he was not a popular king and is generally considered to have been a "bad" king. ...read more.

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