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History around us - How use full are the sources??

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History around us. How use full are the sources?? By Christina squire Within Question B i will be looking at how reliable and useful the 11 sources I used in question A actually were. This will prove whether my answer in question A is as accurate as it could be I believe source A is reliable but not as useful this is because it is only a plan so we don't actually know whether these defences were made. Although it gives us information about where the defences should of stood and where the weakness within Axminster's defences where it isn't helpful as we need to know the actual dimensions and emplacements of the defences. Although it is made useful if we have source B a photo of Axminster in September 1940 that proves where the ditches were and the sharpened rivers but doesn't show the pill boxes or road blocks as it is taken from such a height. ...read more.


Mr Cross isn't really sure what he is saying as he keeps going back on himself. This source also shows that there were several different attempts to flood the river and tells us about the bad points that failed that they over came. In this light this source is useful. He also talks about most of the defences around (he knew about) Overall I believe source D to be use full but not very reliable! Source E this source is all about pillboxes, a newspaper article written for the midweek herald by a pill box enthuast. This source could be very biased because it is written by a pillbox enthuast who wouldn't want to say a bad thing about the pillboxes. Also it is written FOR Axminster so it wouldn't say that the pillboxes weren't good in Axminster but will say all positive things to make people believe they were well defended and would have been an asset to the war. ...read more.


Our last source is source H which is a poem written by a member of the home guard who is on look out on a moon light night. This shows us what it was really like and what the people thought of the war. He talks about hope through out this poem and how he hopes for the best out of this war! Over this entire source is reliable and useful because it helps us know what another person of the home guard thought of every thing! In conclusion I believe most of these sources are reliable and useful it proves that my answer to question A is accurate because even with a few sources that aren't reliable you will always find something wrong with them. This is why I believe it to be as accurate as possible with useful sources ?? ?? ?? ?? By Christina Squire ...read more.

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