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History Course Work: Evacuation

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History Course Work: Evacuation 1. Study Sources B and C. Which Source is the most useful as evidence about the start if the children's evacuation journey? Source B is a photograph that was taken at the beginning of the war in 1939, September. It shows children and adult evacuees walking to the train station ready to be evacuated. The mood in this source is rather happy considering the circumstances, this maybe because the photo was taken by a government member and used as a from of propaganda, taking into account the time when it was taken it could be highly likely. If it was used as propaganda it would show people that the evacuation was merely just a sort of 'adventure' for them and Britain had it under control. ...read more.


Source c also tells us that the adults or parents never had the slightest clue in where they were going so this could of also decreased the happiness. This Source could have been used to show an inside view on the evacuation as this evidence is primary. I think the two sources were useful in different ways but I think Source C is more useful because it is an all round piece of information where as Source B is just what the government want us to see. 2. Source G is an extract from a novel. Is it reliable as evidence about evacuees? Source G is an extract from the novel 'Carries War,' this was written in 1973 by Nina Bowden, who was an evacuees during the war. ...read more.


Evans assumes they were poor and couldn't afford them. Whether we believe this information is reliable in this novel because we know from general knowledge that some stories are fictional but there maybe is some truth incorporated in this novel as the author herself was an evacuee once and may have been talking from experience. Also some of the information adapted had to be interesting as it was a novel but the information used is quiet understanding looking at the context and time it was written. I think Source G is reliable as some of the evidence is accurate but there is some that isn't so it can give mixed or biased thoughts on evacuation. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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