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History Coursework - Evacuation Assignment

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History Coursework - Evacuation Assignment 1.) "Study sources B and C. - Which source is the more useful as evidence about the start of the children's evacuation journey?" Source B is a photograph taken in September 1939, showing children walking to the railway station in London to be evacuated. Most of the children in this photograph seem to be happy. Many are walking with their parents, carrying small suitcases and gas masks. The source is primary as it was taken at the time of the evacuation process in September 1939. Evacuation had just started. The source is useful to promote the evacuation process throughout Britain, and was most likely produced by the government for this purpose. It has been produced to try and show the general mood of support for evacuation. The government wanted to encourage people as much as possible to support evacuation, and showing the public a group of happy children being evacuated conveyed a good feeling towards. It could be questioned whether this source is propaganda by the government to try and persuade people that evacuation is the best possible solution to the problem of invasion. If it were propaganda it would not be useful to a historian. ...read more.


If the source of ideas for the novel where known, an accurate judgement could be made on how reliable the novel is to give evidence about evacuees. As the novel is only telling us about two evacuees we do not gain a bigger view on evacuees in Britain as a whole. This limits how reliable the source can actually be to a historian. Not all evacuees were treated the same, some with very little respect and care and others who had a good life as an evacuee. I believe that this source is not very reliable to show a broad view of evacuees and their life. It only deals with two evacuees. If it was based on real events it is a very toned down version so that it will entertain children and inform them to a point about evacuation. For these reasons I do not think that it is reliable to gain information from. 3.) "Evacuation was a great success". Do your agree or disagree with this interpretation? Explain your answer using the sources and knowledge from your studies. When World War Two broke out in September 1939, evacuation plans for children were put into place straight away, with the advancing threat of air attacks from the Germans due to vast improvements in technology. ...read more.


Complaints included the children they had taken in had head lice, or no clothes other than the ones they travelled in. Complaints of conflict between the local children and the evacuees were also common. Many long lasting results from evacuation surfaced after the process had finished. A great deal of woman were able to work because they had no children to look after, this helped greatly with the war effort. Also different social groups were brought together, and youngsters from the inner cities saw the countryside, most of them for the first time. But above all other results from evacuation the most important result was that evacuation saved thousands of lives. But as well as the good results that came out of evacuation, bad results also surfaced. Cases of abuse, neglect, and threatening behaviour towards evacuees became apparent, and also incidences of children coming back from evacuation with no family or home because they had either been killed during the air raids, or had been forgotten by their family, and were rejected. Evacuation cannot be described solely as a great success as there were bad results that came from it as well as the good. Success was a case in some experiences, but there were also a lot of bad results were success could not be the word used to describe them. ...read more.

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