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History Coursework - Jack the Ripper

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History Coursework: Jack the Ripper: Question 2: Robert Coate: Does the evidence of Source C support the evidence of Source A and B about the Ripper murders? Explain your answer. Between the three sources, they all share two things in common; they both refer to violence to some degree and they all suggest that murder weapon used was a knife. Source C is a Medical report conducted by Dr Frederick Blackwell concerning the murder of Elizabeth Stride and it explains the position the body is in, its condition and explains the way she was murdered with a knife- and due to the report being an official part of the investigation; it is therefore fact. The report was released after the murder of Elizabeth Stride and shows that the body is similar to those of the other victims. ...read more.


It was released after the two murders to report the events that occurred and the paper also comments on the murderer himself. The overall tone of source C seems more formal than source A and this would be because source C is an official and factual report. Source A describes the effects the murders had and suggests the killer is a "demented being"; it also suggests that is it probably the same person committing the murders. It mentions almost nothing about the murder itself but more on the "extraordinary violence" unlike source C. However it does mention that there was no real motive as the victims were poor and crimes were normally committed to thieve from their victims afterwards. In source C, in the medical reports, it tells of the body when it was found and how there was no money found on the victim, this therefore shows no obvious motive for the victim to be murdered, like in source A. ...read more.


The report also says that a knife was used as does source C says which means source C does support source B to some extent however source B is more conjecture and opinionated than source C as source C is a medical report which means it is more formal and factually whereas source B is not. Source B focuses more on the murderer and less on the actual murder at hand. In conclusion, I believe that source C supports source B better as they are both official in their own right and help towards the investigation on the identity of "Jack the Ripper". Source B talks about the murder and describes what's going on giving details however source A is more about the effects and assumptions of the murder which is probably more interesting and easier to sensationalise for the paper meaning that they are probably able to sell more of their newspapers. ...read more.

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