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History Coursework - Question 3

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History Coursework - Question 3 Bradley Jones In 1918, the stalemate was broken. I don't believe that all of the reasons were equally important to why it was actually broken. I think that the German offensive of 1918 was the most contributing factor to why the stalemate was broken. I think that it was the most important factor for many reasons. One reason why I think that this is the most important factor is because they made the vital, first, move and this forced the Triple Entante to make a move meaning the stalemate was no more. Both sides were in full, all out attack. This meant that it was do or die, now or never for the Germans as they knew that America were on their way to help Britain. ...read more.


This then leads to Germany having a low supply of virtually everything that was needed and their soldiers were also affected by this. The main effect on the soldiers was the food. Food was already rationed for the soldiers and these rations got even smaller, consequently, so did the soldiers' energy and morale levels. This links to the German offensive of 1918 because the shortage of supplies of things meant that Germany had to make a move or risk losing the war without a fight. The next most important factor was the American entry into the war. This was important because it provided Britain with fresh troops and new food & ammunition. This gave Britain even more of an advantage because with the Germans being so low in health, and ammunition, because of the British blockade, it meant that the new technology that the Americans brought with them could really prove useful in the war. ...read more.


Bradley Jones The four reasons given above were all linked together in some way. The British blockade lead to the German offensive because the Germans couldn't last much longer without any imported supplies. The German offensive led to the American entry into the war because America decided to stop trading with Germany and come over to help Britain so that they did not lose the war. The American entry meant that new and improved technology came into the war because they brought this technology over in order to help end the war. After studying all four reasons, I believe that all the reasons are not equally important because each one contributed a different, key reason. This means that I think that the German Offensive of 1918 was the most important but closely followed and almost on par with the British Blockade. ...read more.

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