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History-Nazi Germany - fictional journal entry.

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Quirk1 Michael Quirk Professor Epstein History-Nazi Germany 11/14/04 April 1, 1933 Dear Journal, My name is David Hirsch and I am starting this journal due to a rather strange event, which occurred today at my bakery. I start this journal hoping that someday the future generations of my family can look back and see what the Hirsch family was like during the 1930s. On that note let me fill you in on myself and my family. I am a local baker in a small community on the outer rim of Munich, and live in a rather quaint house only a few blocks away. My family consists of my twelve-year-old son Ben, my six-year-old daughter Rebecca, and the love of my life Sarah. Now that the formalities are over let me tell you about my rather strange eventful day. It started off like every other day, waking up at four AM, showering, having a cup of coffee, bidding my wife farewell, and walking the same walk I've been taking for the last twenty years. When I got into my shop everything seemed in order and I continued on my daily routine. Almost 3 hours later I was in the back of my bakery, by the oven, when I heard loud noises outside and could not imagine what it could be. ...read more.


You can't with a straight face. It hurts me to see him unhappy like this. Rebecca is also very upset. She did not mind not being able to participate in school sports and clubs, but she can no longer swim at the local pool or meet her friends down the street at the playground due to the signs and notices which have said "No Jews Allowed." My children are very unhappy, which in turn makes Sarah and I unhappy. I am at work all day, but Sarah must find something for the kids to do all afternoon because there is no place for them to go anymore. Things around here need to change September 16, 1935 I am ashamed to be a German today. The Nazis announced yesterday that Jewish people can no longer be citizens of the Reich. My father not only fought in World War I, but generations of Hirschs have served this great country in many different ways. How could we no longer be citizens of a country we live in and love? Are Jews that awful, all of a sudden, that we do not belong in the same country, city, neighborhood, or even building anymore? I think Eliot might have the right idea about getting out, but I have too much to lose here. ...read more.


I see all the Jewish stores and shops being burnt and looted. Then I see the SA starting to invade Jewish peoples' homes and begin to worry that maybe mine is next. When I returned home I found Sarah curled up in a corner holding Rebecca and Ben. My house was torn apart and everything we have is now ruined. So, fuck the Nazis I cannot deal with their shit anymore. They need to pay for what they've done. Thousands Quirk5 of Jews have been taken from Munich tonight and I do not how I have survived the raid. I brought Sarah and the kids to our good Aryan neighbor who will look after them, for I fear I am going to be taken at some point tonight. It's getting worse and worse I feel it's six in the morning and Germans who support them are all still marching up the street singing anti-Semitic songs. Oh no, someone's calling my name and banging on my door. I'm leaving you, journal. I'm placing you where they won't find you but hopefully someone who can help will. TO WHOEVER FINDS THIS JOURNAL MY WIFE IS IN A SECRET LOCATION WITH MY CHILDREN. PLEASE HELP. I HAVE HID A COUPLE HUNDRED MARKS IN A SAFE IN THE WALL BEHIND THE FRIDGE,WITH THE LOCATION OF MY FAMILY. TAKE HALF THE MONEY FOR YOURSELF BUT PLEASE GIVE THE OTHER HALF TO MY FAMILY. PLEASE HELP. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Germany 1918-1939 section.

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