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History of the English Language and American & British English

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´╗┐Name: ID: ________________ Table of Contents 1. History of the English Language3-4 The origins and development of English 3 Old English (450 ? 1100 AD) 3 Middle English (1100-1500 AD) 3 Modern English4 Early Modern English (1500-1800) 4 Late Modern English (1800-Present) 4 2. Varieties of English4-5 3. Difference Between American & British English6 Difference in Spelling6 Difference in Vocabulary6 Difference in Pronunciation6 References7 ________________ 1. History of the English Language 1. The origins and development of English It all started when the three Germanic tribes (the Angles, the Saxon and the Jutes) travelled and invaded Britain during the 5th Century AD. These three tribes crossed the North Sea from Denmark and Northern Germany. When at that time the people spoke a Celtic languagethat by the invaders were forced to move west and north mainly to Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The Angles tribe came from Englaland and they spoke Englisc, from which the words England and English are derived from. [1] Germanic invaders entered Britain on the east and south coast in the 5th century. ...read more.


Spelling and grammar was set, and the dialect of London, where most of the publishing houses were, became standard. The first English dictionary was published in 1604. [1] Hamlet's famous "To be, or not to be" line, written in Early Modern English by Shakespeare. 1. Late Modern English (1800-Present) The difference in vocabulary is the main difference between Early Modern English and Late Modern English. Late Modern English has more words because of two main reasons: firstly, the Industrial Revolution and technology development forced a need for new words; secondly the British Empire have covered one quarter of the earth at its peak of power, so the English language have adapted so many foreign words from different countries all over the world. [1] 1. Varieties of English The English colonization of North America in the 1600, caused a creation of a different American variety of English. We can say that Modern American English is more like the English of Shakespeare as mentioned before "Early Modern English" than the Modern British English. ...read more.


1607 The first permanent English settlement in the New World (Jamestown) is established. 1616 Shakespeare dies. 1623 Shakespeare's First Folio is published 1702 The first daily English-language newspaper, The Daily Courant, is published in London. 1755 Samuel Johnson publishes his English dictionary. 1776 Thomas Jefferson writes the American Declaration of Independence. 1782 Britain abandons its colonies in what is later to become the USA. 1828 Webster publishes his American English dictionary. Late Modern English 1922 The British Broadcasting Corporation is founded. 1928 The Oxford English Dictionary is published. 1. Difference between American and British English As established above, we can now understand that American English is the form of English used within the United States of America. As for British English it?s the form of English used in the United Kingdom. The differences between British and American English are showed below: [2] 1. Difference in Spelling American English British English Word Definition Flavor Flavour Taste, Add Seasoning Honor Honour Respect, Praise, Award Analyze Analyse Examine, Determine, Inspect Labor Labour Work, Undertaking, Activity 1. Difference in Vocabulary American English British English Word Definition Apartment Flat Set of rooms for rent Can Tin Container, usually metallic Elevator Lift Escalator, Hoist Gas Petrol Fuel [3] 1. ...read more.

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