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History Project on the Vikings

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Runes Runes were the alphabet that the Viking used to create words and sounds. Runes were used like we use them today. They would write things with Runes. It would be especially used for writing on stones about there Gods, even the battles they had or there past kings. This is useful now so we know what it was like back in those days and the type of culture they had and what there life was like. This is my name in Runes. Jordan Roig Mythology Thor- Thor was Odin's oldest son. He was the God of the all of the skies; He was also the god of thunder and lightning. He was one of the most popular gods and was big, brave and strong, People treated him with a lot respect. He carried a hammer called mjolnir that returned to him like a boomerang after he through it. Lightning came out of the hammer when he wanted a belt that doubled his strength when he was wearing it and Iron gloves that helped him use the hammer properly. ...read more.


Without their boats and building talents they would have not gone anywhere in history and they wouldn't be that successful. When people think of Vikings they think of there ships and there soldiers so there ships were very popular. The Viking homeland The Vikings lived in 3 main parts which are today's Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. The Viking homelands were very difficult to live in because it was snowing all the time. The summers were short and cold and the winters were long and freezing. So it was very hard to grow vegetation because it was basically winter all the time. It was very hard living conditions so the Viking built boats so they could travel to a place that were easier to live than the place that they lived. When they got to the new lands they would settle and if there were any people on the islands they would raid and invade them and steal items then they would settle there. Weapons and Armour The Viking were very skilled in battle and they were feared because of there great strength and the way they used their weapons. ...read more.


It was a good stabbing weapon but it could also be thrown. This was a great weapon. Like their weapon the armour was very strong and protected them. Their helmets were basically head shape objects that were metal. They had a strip of metal that protected there nose. Like the sword they got more decorated for the higher ranking soldiers. Viking helmets did not have spikes on it. Viking shields were round and they were made out of wood. It had a metal rim surrounding the wooden middle. It was 1 meter in diameter and protected from the shoulder down to the thigh. It was usually painted with a picture to scare the enemy. Even thought the Viking had these weapons they were very similar to the English weapons. Some of the English weapons include maces, swords, axes, bows, clubs, daggers, spears, staff weapons. If you see these weapons they are very similar to the Vikings weapons. But because the English couldn't fight as a nation they were beaten in many of there battles against the Vikings. These weapon would have minor differences like the handle or the shape of their shield but when it comes down to it, it's how you use it. ...read more.

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