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History Question Answer

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The events that occurred in Derry on 30 January 1972 became known as 'Bloody Sunday'. Why have these events produced such different historical interpretations? 'Bloody Sunday' was an extremely controversial event that happened in 1972, Londonderry. Violence erupted when a peaceful civil rights march suddenly became a fight; the argument is, why did a peaceful protest turn violent? I am going to consider the different viewpoints and accounts of the witnesses and families of victims, and various politicians. One of the most debatable issues is of who fired the first shot. Source A is a newspaper article from the Daily Mail in 1999. The article mainly focuses on the soldiers viewpoints, and only contains one quote from an eye-witness. ...read more.


The choice of the word 'attack' could have implications of violence among the soldiers, which reflects the accused violence on their behalf on 'Bloody Sunday'. One of Lord Saville's accusations is that the soldiers fired indiscriminately upon the crowd. The soldiers deny this and claim that they were fired upon first; their evidence is that no women or children were killed, and apparently 'nail bombs' were found on some of the victims. It is understandable to an extent why the soldiers are angry at a fresh enquiry, as they are afraid that they will get into trouble; also, they thought that justice had already prevailed in the Widgery Report. However, this behavior could be viewed by the families of victims to be guilty. ...read more.


Science and technology progressed a lot 30 years after Bloody Sunday. This allowed for more accurate evidence, but also caused interpretations to differ. The Widgery report, in contrast to the Lord Saville enquiry, is conducted 11 weeks after the events on Bloody Sunday. This means that time was an issue for Widgery, and he possibly rushed the report. Lord Saville's enquiry, however, has taken 11 years and still isn't complete; surely this is the sign of an accurate report, one that has been written with much more care and detail. Lord Saville has many more witness accounts in his report, and because it is now 30 years later he also has considerably developed forensic science to use as well. The only down side to this is that 30 years down the line, interpretations are almost certainly going to have changed and been mixed. ?? ?? ?? ?? Meghan Mooney ...read more.

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