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History Sourcework - 'Kristallnact was a spontaneous event by the German People' How far do these sources support this claim.

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History Sourcework: Study all the Sources. 'Kristallnact was a spontaneous event by the German People' How far do these sources support this claim. When looking at this question, it becomes obvious that there are three different possibilities of how Kristallnact came about: 1.It was a spontaneous event by the German people in anger to the death of von Roth 2. It was ordered by Hitler, in order to eliminate the Jews. 3. It was planned by Goebbels in order to help him with his power struggle within the Nazi Party. The first option of kristallnacht being a spontaneous event by the German people is supported by sources B and D. Source D describes how the signs reading 'Jews not wanted' appeared put up by the German people, o ward off Jews from their tow. This mild hatred could have led them to riot during Kristallnact, but I believe that this account may have been slightly over exaggerated as the tone is very negative and highlights the negative factors while remaining too vague. ...read more.


He took interviews and gathered information until he concluded that the Nazi party had ordered the rioting and caused it to happen and furthermore that most German people had not participated in the rioting themselves. Source F is a cartoon drawn by a Russian artist for the Russian newspaper. The Russians bitterly hated the Germans and so if there was a rumour that the Nazis had committed the crimes on kristallnacht then hey would take it and demonstrate to there people how evil capitalism was as the government ordered its own people in Germany to be purged. Source G is another cartoon drawn some weeks after kristallnacht when appeasement had ended, The magazine began to think about the way in which the Nazis were treating its people and so drew this cartoon. This cartoon can be applied both to kristallnacht and other events that had happened. This cartoon is about the evils of Nazism not just Kristallnact. As 'outsiders' so to speak they will not fully comprehend how the Nazi party conflicts inside between senior officials. ...read more.


They would have suspected and heard who started kristallnacht and what happened really. This adds extra credit o these sources. Source I stands alone as it matches into none of the other three categories. It only shows Hitler's regret at what happened. It doesn't discuss what actually happened on kristallnacht or who started it. It therefore has no relevance to any other source. In conclusion I believe that those sources group into option 3 have he most relevance and support on a single theory. The theory of spontaneous action has two sources to support it, one of which is biased, the other which is vague and inaccurate in its relevance to kristallnacht. Non-Germans who do not fully understand the political climate of the time write all the sources that group into option 2. They believe that it was not a spontaneous event but believe that Hitler ordered it. People who lived in Germany write option 3, people who understood what were happening and what the Nazi party was up to. Options 2&3 have greater numbers than option 1 which means that the sources overall disagree with the theory of spontaneous attack. J.Harratt ...read more.

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