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History Sourcework - What impression of Kristallnact does Source C give? Explain your answer

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History Sourcework: Question B What impression of Kristallnact does Source C give? Explain your answer Source C was written by David Buffman, the American consul based in Leipzig. The account he gives derives from what he saw himself and from interviews that he carried out. As an American diplomat he represented America and all its values- democracy, freedom of speech etc. He would have been posted to Germany for probably the last 3-4 years meaning that he witnessed the build up of anti-Semitism and the anti-Semitic laws passed in Germany. In this time he would have met a lot of the Germans in the Diplomat service and gained insight into the German government and its propaganda machine, finding things that were not published into the censored newspapers that the government controlled. ...read more.


These words make the events seem even worse than they were, the language is used in a deliberate way to infer that it was not a spontaneous event, sympathy for the Jews from the public caused fury amongst the Nazi's'. This damning account also recollects how 'the most hideous part of this so called 'spontaneous' action was the arrest and transportation to concentration camps of male German Jews'. The tone of the piece is very judgmental in he way it uses the terms 'hideous' and 'violence'. It does give the impression however of the terror that this night inspired represented within the smouldering Jewish synagogues, shops and houses. The account almost mocks the Germans in its sarcastic use of language, ''the so called 'spontaneous' action'' and the way in which he directly quotes from the newspapers ' the cowardly Jewish murder'. ...read more.


Therefore all the people he interviewed may have been of one mind not giving a true picture of the current situation in Germany. All in all this piece of text infers that the Nazi Party was responsible for the events as it sent it's agents out to perpetrate the actions that resulted in the death of 91 Jews and over 20,000. The text claims that the SS and SA were carrying out the attacks and burning while the police and fire service who were also directly controlled by the State under the totalitarian regime. If the Nazi Party ordered the SA and SS to burn the buildings it stands to logic that the fire service and police were also under orders of their own. This is what in the end is inferred by the account. This version of events is backed up by Source A, which in my earlier essay I decided was fairly reliable. J.Harratt ...read more.

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