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History - The Effects of evacuation in world war 2

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History Essay Introduction (Section 1) In 1939, Britain was preparing for war. The Germans were rapidly growing in power, and as were the air force, Specifically, Fighter planes and bombers. Their aim was to bomb London and other major British cities such as Liverpool and Birmingham and destroy British morale. Britain was prepared when the bombers came. They had blacked-out windows and a bomb shelter in nearly every person's garden. But some of these preparations could only do so much, and millions would still die or become homeless from the range of bombs the Germans dropped. People's houses would be destroyed and the residents would have nowhere to go. The weak would not survive living on the streets, due to cold and night after night of bombing. The government foresaw that so many people would die, so they used the process of evacuation. Evacuation, was used to basically, get people out of the targets of the German air force. ...read more.


The experiences evacuees went through are very detailed and range from good to bad - The majority of stories are bad. The good and bad stories are mostly of schoolchildren being taken in or foistered on to strangers living in the country. Many evacuees' stories begin with their departure from their families and friends, and their journey to the places they will live for the next 6 years throughout the war. The 6 years of long war was a very stressful time for evacuees. Especially at the start of the war, when they were first being evacuated. It was stressful because the majority of the children had never left their hometown/city and they were being sent to remote places in the country, to families who themselves, never left their villages. Wales. Wales was a very popular area for evacuees, as it is in the far west of England and is full of rural villages and towns. ...read more.


Source 14 is a very different story from source 10. For a start, it is a primary source, it was written in a report by the National Federation of Women's Institutes in 1940. The source is basically a judgement of the evacuees as they arrive from the major British cities. "So many children were filthy, so many were lacking of knowledge about any clean and hygienic habits, some were suffering scabies and some had it in their hair, and dirty sores all over their bodies. The women's institute was, and still are; a conservative group. They are very influential and still exist today. The report contains many facts, but they seem exaggerated. Such as: "Their clothing was in a deplorable condition. Some of the children were 'literally' sewn into their ragged little garments". I doubt very much that the children were literally sewn into their clothes, just kept them on day in, day out. Because this ?? ?? ?? ?? Sam Johnson History ...read more.

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