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History - Votes For Women Q1

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History coursework - question 1 From Source A, we can learn a few reasons for why the Suffragettes demanded votes for women. Source A is a poster, produced by the Suffragettes in 1912 supporting woman being allowed to vote, which shows an effective contrast. On the top row, it features responsible women, with the words, "What a women may be but yet not have the vote". ...read more.


On the other hand there were irresponsible men, such as convicts and lunatics, and yet they are still, appallingly, allowed to vote. The source is making a point that a woman can be successful in a wide range of areas and yet 'not have the vote', and that a man can be a failure in many ways, and yet 'not lose the vote'. ...read more.


The poster's origin tells us that it may have come in a newspaper or card. The poster is biased, as it was written by the women, to put their own, personal views across. The main purpose of this poster, is to show how unjustly women were treated, and how unreasonable it was for them, not being allowed to vote. This source provides a clear argument for women. It makes us acknowledge how unjustly they were treated, despite being highly respected, in contrast to a proportion of men. 07508104475 Kasim Hassan Question 1 ...read more.

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