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'The New Deal was not a complete success'. Explain how far you agree with this statement. I disagree with this statement to a certain extent. This is because some people believed that the New Deal was a complete success, the reason that they believed this is it restored the American people's faith in the Government. The people saw that even though the members of government were dealing with huge amounts of money none of it was taken by the government members themselves. For example, Harold Hopkins, the head of the Civil works Administration, distributed $10 billion in schemes and programmes, but never took any of the money and his salary always stayed at $15,000 a year. The phones were even tapped by Harold Ickes, to insure that none of his employees were being corrupted. He also employed African Americans and campaigned against anti-sexism and supported Native Americans. The New deal helped the industrial workers. The National Recovery Administration (NRA) and the Second New Deal methods helped the unions stand against the large American industries. The government helped the unions by negotiating between them and the large companies. ...read more.


Father Coughlin, a Catholic Priest, used his radio show to raise opposition against Roosevelt, he wanted the not so well of people to be paid a fair wage and he then set up the National Union for Social Justice Others felt that the New Deal was doing too much and therefore not a complete success. They were from sections of the business community and republicans. They believed that the New Deal had too many codes and regulations which made it too complicated. Another thing they complained about was that the New Deal was helping trade unions and supporting calls for higher wages, the reason they did not like this was because they believed the market should sort out its own issues. They also felt that many of the new schemes that were developed provided unfair competition for private companies and the high taxes that were introduced did not encourage people to work hard, but it gave money to people for doing nothing or pointless jobs. Some people would agree with this statement because they believe that the New Deal did many good things but it also did bad things. ...read more.


He was worried that he would lose the support of Southern Democrat senators if he passed this law. Although the New Deal gave many important women prominent positions this did not help the working class women as many of the New Deal programmes were designed to help the male manual workers. The local government also brought in special qualifications and requirements for women to able to receive social security payments. The New Deal brought in two acts to help the Native Americans however they were still poor and were never excepted by society. In conclusion I agree with the statement 'The New Deal was not a complete success'. The reason I agree with the statement is because not all aspects of the New Deal proved to be successful, I feel that Roosevelt wanted to try and please everyone, and therefore for every positive act he made there was often a negative one to follow this. For example Roosevelt tried to show support for the African Americans by providing slum clearance and housing projects, however he did not want to lose the support of Southern Democrat senators so he did not pass laws against the lynching of African Americans. ?? ?? ?? ?? Neema Behzadi ...read more.

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