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Hitler’s Rise To Power.

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HITLER'S RISE TO POWER Q3. I believe that the most influential reasons for Hitler coming to power was the Treaty of Versailles as it was the cause of many other things such as the economic depression. This was caused by one of the treaties many terms that made Germany pay for the damage in WW1, which come to six thousand six hundred million pounds. The German government couldn't keep up with repayments and simply printed off more money which was worthless. The treaty also caused a great increase in unemployment and an even greater loss in German pride as the army was reduced. Germany also lost lots of land as a result of the treaty. All the terms of the treaty upset Germany in some way and then when Hitler was to say he would abolish the treaty and restore German pride almost everyone would vote to get him in power. ...read more.


In 1923 Hitler and the Nazis attempted the Munich Putsch which was a disaster and gained no support for the Nazi party. However, even though he got no support and Hitler was sent to prison for treason, he used his time spent in prison to write Mien Kampf (my struggle) in which he set out his ideas for a new and better Germany. He also talked of how he knew he would not gain power through illegal methods and that he would have to gain power through parliament in a legal way. I believe if the Munich Putsch had not been a disaster and Hitler had not gone to prison that he would never have realized how to gain maximum power over Germany through legal methods. He would have also never realized how to best use his power once he had gained it. ...read more.


Hitler would have probably been made chancellor anyway as he had so much support and was the leader of the biggest political party in Germany at that time. Another reason this was not such an important factor is that President Hindenburg did not have many more people he could appoint as chancellor after Papen had left and Von Schleicher had resigned. Even after what I have said I believe that all 6 reasons were very influential to Hitler becoming a dictator. So in conclusion I believe that the Treaty of Versailles, the Munich Putsch, the Economic Depression the decision by Papen and Hindenburg to appoint him as chancellor and Hitler's oratory are all very important reasons that contributed to Hitler coming to power in 1933 and that without any one of these causes Hitler may never have come to power in the first place. 1 By Daniel Smith ...read more.

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