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Hitler and Nazi Germany.

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Hitler and Nazi Germany So many Germans supported the Nazi Party in the late 1920's and early 1930's because he offered a lot of jobs for the unemployed, he also promised to make Germany powerful again and he promised to help big business and force the communists out of power. He also gained support by using propaganda; he put posters up round the streets, advertised to mothers and children and used the radio to gain support. Hitler also created an army that would terrorise the streets of Germany and resolve crime that the Nazi Party created in the first place. ...read more.


Therefore this shows that Hitler had won the hearts and minds of the unemployed in Germany. Adolf Hitler also used propaganda to win the votes of the Germans. He put up such posters showing people suffering in vain, the poster also contained the slogan 'Our last hope-Hitler' The poster is trying to persuade people that Hitler is the only person who can help them, therefore if the German people vote for the Nazi Party their pain and suffering will be no more. Another main reason why the Germans voted for Adolf is because he promised to ban the 'Treaty of Versailles'. ...read more.


Hitler also sent his army round the houses of people who supported communists to beat them up and make them vote for the Nazi Party. Hitler appealed to the German people as being very strong and clever According to one of Hitler's followers Albert Speer he said 'Here it seemed to me was hope. Here were new ideals, a new understanding and new tasks. The perils of Communism could be checked, Hitler persuaded us, and instead of hopeless unemployment, Germany could move towards economic recovery.' There are many reasons why the German people supported the Nazi party in the late 20's early 30's, and they are just a few. Hitler was a very clever and powerful man and that is why he gained the support of the German people. ...read more.

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