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Hitler and the Jews.

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INTRODUCTION I am going to do some assignment about Hitler and the Jews. I will first of all talking about bullying since the history of the Germans and the Jews is in case of extreme bullying. Bullying basically means a wilful intention to hurt, threaten or frighten someone. Bullying is divided into three parts which can be physical or verbal or both. Bullying includes the groups of insiders and outsiders. An insider is usually a person a person who is well known by the others and got respect from them. An insider could be a clever student, a smart and rich person, or a person who is well known by the others. Meanwhile, outsider is the one who usually being bullied by the insiders. Outsider is usually a person who doesn't well known by the others. They could be a new person from other place, a different race or colour or religion or someone who can't afford to buy expensive things. They usually feel like outsider because they are so different from the others. They usually feel lonely and scared. Outsiders were usually the victim by the insiders which are more powerful than them. Bullying could be either physical or verbal or both. Physical bullying is a physical assault, beatings and violent attacks including gangs. This could be kicking, punching, arm twisting or pushing. And verbal bullying is like leaving people (usually the outsiders) out. Verbal bullying also could be name calling or using language that puts people down. Besides that, it could also teasing, sarcasm, saying nasty hurtful personal things or sexual and racial abuse. For an example of bullying, I would give the example of the situation of bullying in a school. ...read more.


The Germans couldn't even buy anything from the Jews. During the late 1930's physical attacks on the Jewish community increased as Nazi propaganda worked. On 9 November 1938 the Nazis carried out what they called 'Kristallnacht' which means 'the night of the broken glasses'. All over Germany Nazi Storm troopers broke into and smashed up tens of thousands of Jewish shops, homes, and synagogues. In many places ordinary Germans joined in and helped them. At source six, the picture shows a synagogue burns in Siegen, Germany. This source is a primary source and it is important to show what happened during Kristallnacht. This shows that Hitler is trying to destroy the Jews properties and hurt them. While in source 5, it shows that the Germans soldiers is cutting the beard of an elderly Jew in Poland. This source is also a primary. It is an important source because it shows that the Jews are humiliated and the elderly Jew in the picture seems he is scared and sad. All these sources show that the extreme form of bullying has occurred. Source six is the most useful because I think this picture shows the real action and it also shows how the Jew are treated by the Nazis in the late 1930's. Once Hitler had convinced people the Jews were less than human the next stage of persecution was to separate Jews from the society. This happened by taking their rights and physically, by taking away their homes and freedom. This happened by taking when Hitler wanted to separate the Jews from the Germany community. In source three, Hitler made rules that any relationships between Jews and citizens of German blood are forbidden. ...read more.


They thought that they were going to have shower and they didn't realize that they were going to be poisoned. There were 2000 - 2500 people in there and if there were no room they would just throw the small children in on top of people's heads. This source shows how they were treated before they died. While in source 13, Dov Paisikovic, a Hungarian Jew was speaking on a TV documentary, The World at War. He said that he used to go into the gas chambers to take out all the corpses, and he took them up by lifts to the ovens. Then he removed the gold teeth and hair with the other workers. This source is a secondary source and it shows what happened to the Jews after they were dead. These sources, 12 and 13 shows what happened to the weak Jews who were not able to work. They are sent to the gas chambers in the camp and being told that they were going to be bathed and deloused, so that they must leave their clothes neatly together. Then they were put into the gas chambers which were furnished with showers and water pipes and looked like a real bath house. Then the door will quickly be screwed up and the gas released through the vents in the ceilings of the chambers of the chambers. The victim then died after 3- 15 minutes. The workers then opened the doors and take them out from the chambers. Then they started on removing gold from the teeth and cutting the hair. The bodies were then taken up by lift and laid in front of the ovens and then burned into ashes. Source 12 and 13 are important and useful sources because they show what happened to the Jews in the concentration camps. ...read more.

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