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Hitler became Chancellor (Prime Minister) of Germany on 30 January1933. Eighteen months later he was a dictator with total power.

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Hitler became Chancellor (Prime Minister) of Germany on 30 January1933. Eighteen months later he was a dictator with total power. To Start with The Nazi party had to start somewhere I will use the example of Northeim. First of all Hitler needed to take over the council. He had a majority of 15:5 but was not satisfied, he wanted to eliminate opposition. To start with they had a Social democrat councillor arrested for spreading anti-governmental nature. He was barred from being a councillor as a prisoner. They got rid of others by sheer bullying. The town hall was decorated with nazi propaganda and filled with SA and SS men. All social democrat councillors had to resign because there party was banned throughout Germany. Northeim was now run entirely by the Nazi party and all anti-Nazis were dismissed from council employment. One of the main reasons why there was little opposition to Hitler. To start with there was intense marches throughout spring and summer. ...read more.


In Northeim there was about a hundred Jews. As by now people did not like the Jews, so to improve supporter's trust and confidence they persecuted the Jews. There were boycotts of all Jewish businesses, SA men were posted outside, advertisements were ran in the papers to boycott the Jewish stores. Only supporters of the socialist still went to the shops but this was a minority. In 1933 there was general election. The Reichstag building went up in flames, a communist leader was accused Hitler used this opportunity to say that it was plot to take over the country. Hitler declared a state emergency and got Hidenburg to pass a law, which would soon help Hitler to become a dictator. The new law banned Communists and socialists from taking part in the election. As a result Hitler did not win enough votes but just enough to get the enabling law passed which was to allow Hitler to make laws without the Reichstag's consent. ...read more.


Also boys were trained to get them ready for being soldiers and girls were taught how to make proper families. The future now looked good for Hitler as he would have a whole race in believing in his ideas. Germany became a Nazi police state as they now controlled the police and had there own secret police called the Gestapo. These men had the power to do what they liked, even if they thought that someone was against the Nazis or plotting they would imprison them and send them to concentration camps. I think that propaganda was a very important reason for Hitler domination in Germany and little opposition because he could topple his opponents with the release of a newspaper or a radio broadcast and maybe sometimes set the up in a plot to take over the country. But I think propaganda would not of happened until he controlled the German public and their minds. Hitler's dominant force in Germany helped him to minimise his opposition and increased his safety. ...read more.

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