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Hitler came to power by his own efforts. Discuss.

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Rebecca Owen. Hitler came to power by his own efforts. Discuss. The state president, the commander of the army, and the powerful state of Prussia were all determined to stop him. He had no coherent policies, and his party ideas were vague and often contradictory. So how was Hitler able to come to power in 1933? Was it really his own doing, or did he just take advantage of the countries circumstances and other's confidence in him? It was a combination of factors. Hitler was widely known as a good speaker. In 1919 he gave his first public speech to around 100 members of the German public. In Mein Kampf he wrote "I spoke for thirty minutes, and what before I had simply felt within me, without in any way knowing it, was now proved by reality: I could speak! After thirty minutes the people in the small room were electrified and the enthusiasm was first expressed by the fact that my appeal to the self-sacrifice of those present led to the donation of three hundred marks." This was an important moment in Hitler's young political life. ...read more.


The allies forced article 231 on to the Germans, which meant that the German government and people had accepted that they alone were entirely guilty of starting World War One. This caused a dislike, and even hatred of the Weimar Republic to form in the minds of the public and Hitler used this hatred in his power campaign. Many of the conservative elite, the aristocracy of the day, also had this hatred of the Weimar republic. They didn't want the communists to come to power because that would mean they would have to share their wealth. They supported Hitler both financially and by sending persuasive letters to Hindenburg when Hitler was trying to become chancellor. He was, maybe, not exactly what the conservative elite wanted in a chancellor but he was better than the communists or any other option. They underestimated him and must have realised their mistakes before war broke out in 1939. The letters sent by the conservative elite to President Hindenburg were very persuasive and eventually in January 1933 Hindenburg made him chancellor. Both he and Von Papen thought that they could control Hitler. ...read more.


In 1929 the Wall Street Crash occurred. It hit most of the Western Europe and America, but Germany was the worst hit. Because America was hit hard and demanded the loans they had given Germany, back, Germany, who relied heavily on the money, fell. Unemployment rose rapidly and the voters of Germany turned to extremists to get them out of the trouble. The Nazi party grew rapidly. Had it not been for this support won for the Nazis during this time they, and Hitler, may never have come to power. There were many things about Hitler that made him acceptable to a broad spectrum of the German population. He was a strong leader with good public speaking skills. He knew exactly what the people wanted to hear, and he said it. He was brave enough to try and take power, but when he was defeated he was committed enough to try again. He had a well-arranged party behind him and support from a majority in the country. Yet it took others help and mistakes, and an economic disaster to bring him to power. I believe that had the country not fallen into depression, and if Hitler had not had the vital support from the rich conservative elite, then he would never have come to be as powerful as he did. ...read more.

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