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Hitler in ww2

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In 1934 when Hitler came to power in Germany most people in Germany were unaware of what he was going to do in the years to come. In his speeches and rallies he had made it clear to his supports that he would try to rebuilt Germany and give people jobs, a lot of people believed what he said and this is mainly what gave him the power to take over Germany and become the Fuehrer. The people in Germany just had to wait to see what he would do as they were in desperate conditions. In Germany unemployment was a huge problem, in 1932 unemployment was at its peak 5.6 million people were unemployed. The reasons for the unemployment were that Germany had to pay so much money because of the Treaty of Versailles, America were very powerful at the time and had loaned Germany money so that it could rebuild its country and pay back money for the Treaty of Versailles, but when there was a Wall Street crash in America it became hard for America to loan Germany any money so Germany went into depression. This depression made Germany into total chaos, unemployment rose rapidly as large companies started to bust because of the depression, the unemployment meant that people were in hunger and misery. Violence started to break out in the streets and people needed a leader that could sort the chaos in Germany. ...read more.


In order to stop any sort of strikes the 'Beauty of Labour' was organized this improved conditions in the work place like; lighting, ventilation and hot meals. This was set up to persuade the workers to work longer. Also the 'Strength through Joy' organization was set up this was set up so that workers did not get bored of there jobs, different tasks and jobs were set up by this organization again to persuade the German people that it was good to work for Hitler. As you can see Hitler did spend a lot of time on giving people jobs, and even thought the working hours and wages were unhealthy, at least he did try and help the situation in the work place by setting up these organizations. For the workers it was better in that the workplace was better and the jobs given were different and more interesting, but still the pay was not good as a good as before Hitler came into power and the hours were longer. In 1929 a few years before Hitler came into power the index of industrial wages were at 130 this was at its peak, when Hitler came into power the most he made the wages to was 105 this was 25 less, so the people of Germany at this time were worst of than before Hitler but better than when Germany was in the depression. ...read more.


The children were worse off in Germany because they had no freedom to believe what they wanted, some could say it was better of because organization like the Hitler youth camps were set up, but the reason they were set up was not directly to let the children have fun it was just to brainwash them into Nazi Aryans. To conclude it would be to wrong to say that the whole of Germany was better off, slightly better off or worse off. As different people in Germany felt different things. I believe it would be fair to say that the Jews were worse off in Germany under Nazi rule because they were picked on as a minority. For the workers it was slightly better off because the workers did get work after the depression, the unemployment figures raised by almost 800.000, the only negative point were the pay and number of hour's people had to work. For the children of Germany it cannot be said whether it was better or worse, but for the children who did live in the years before Hitler ruled I believe it was worse off under Nazi rule because there mind had been totally brainwashed. For the women aswell it was worse off because before Hitler ruled it was up to them if they wanted to stay at home or to work, but under his rule the freedom was lost and it was encouraged to defiantly stay at home. ...read more.

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