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Hitler's Aims

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  • Essay length: 2013 words
  • Submitted: 14/08/2003
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GCSE Germany 1918-1939

The first 200 words of this essay...

The way in which information is handled

Level of analysis and the quality of the arguments

Development is a systematic development of a convincing answer to the research question

subheadings (maybe scientific evaluations)

Contents page

Research question





The Second World War was caused by:

a. Hitler's Aims

1. To unite German speaking people (using NSD which had been denied at the Treaty of Versailles.

2. He wanted lebensraum (living space) in order to gain self-sufficiency (autarky)

3. He wanted to dominate Europe and the World

To achieve any of these aims would involve breaking the Treaty of Versailles (28/6/1919), and this could lead to war.

b. The aggression of Hitler's Allies

1. Italy - Mussolini wanted a Fascist-Roman empire in the Mediterranean and Africa (e.g. Abyssinian invasion in 1935.)

2. Japan - Japan wanted a Nipponese empire in the Pacific, extending into China and Australia (e.g. Manchurian invasion in 1931)

Germany, Italy and Japan were hostile to Communism (USSR), and this way a cause of war and

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