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Hitler's Influence Over Youth

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These Factors Enabled Hitler To Influence Young People In Germany; . Education Policy . Youth Organisations . Persecution Which of these factors was most important? Hitler influenced the young people of Germany very skillfully, he made sure that they were constantly surrounded by the Nazi ideals, and that all they knew was what Hitler wanted them to know. He did this by indocrinating them with Nazi teachings at school, at youth organisations and by persecuting those who did not conform or those who were not Aryans. Hitler influenced the youth of Germany through youth organisation like the Hitler Youth and The League of German Maidens. ...read more.


This made girls into housewives who stayed home, raised children, cooked and cleaned. Both of these organisations made young people conform with the Nazi ideals, however this was not the most important factor of Hitler's influence over young German people, as some children did not take part and rebelled against this. Hitler also influenced young people by persecuting those who did not conform with Nazi ideals, such as Jews, gypsies, tramps, criminals, disabled people and homosexuals. These 'undesirables' were picked on in school, criticised in propaganda, arrested and some were segregated from the Aryans. ...read more.


Undesirables were treated poorly, whereas Aryans were treated well by teachers, this reinforced Hitler's message that Aryans were superior. Also Biology was adapted to focus on characteristics of Aryans, and History focused on how Germany lost WWI because of Jews and Communists, and how Hitler came along and saved Germany from a crisis. This had the most influence over the young people of Germany as the children were indoctrinated with Nazi teachings 5 days a week without fail and it was all they learnt and all they knew. In conclusion all of these factors played a major role in Hitler's influence over the youth of Germany; however Hitler's control of the curriculum was the most important factor because it effected all children and it strongly reinforced all of the Nazi ideals. ...read more.

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