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hitler's youth

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Hitler youth Coursework What was it? Why was it What did it do? Why did it do what it did? Hitler youth was formed In 1920 by Hitler. One of the main youngster movements and it helped Hitler to grow extremely fast and to grow his power. Hitler's youth was just like a school and it was extremely important and mostly everybody had to attend to it. Hitler's youth did millions of group activities so it could train team work. Boys joined Hitler's youth at the age of 10.Many kids found it very fascinating and they thought of it like It was a lot of fun especially when they got to go out for all of those long walks, even though it damaged their feet. ...read more.


Actually to make it all work even better they had more than 1 school for boys and the difference was only in ages: one of them was for boys from 10 to 13 years old and it was named Deutsches Jugenvolk, and the other one, Hitler Jugend, was for boys from 13 to 18 years old. Boys have also done team activities like bayonet drill, grenade throwing, trenching digging, outside cooking and reading maps what was extremely useful and trained boys morally and intellectually. By doing all of that, boys were well prepared for the strong army of loyal supporters that would simply help Hitler to achieve his foreign policy aims by obeying all his orders. ...read more.


Hitler wanted to get the German population to grow to one of the biggest so that he could take the space that Russia owned and so that he could destroy Versailles. Hitler's youth was a strict organisation that controlled the discipline of children and that helped Germany to grow it's population. It also taught boys that the most important thing was is loyalty and obedience and that Hitler was the greatest person in this world and that he should be worshiped as God him self. This was another reason to persuade the youth into obeying anything Hitler said and that he was more important then the parents. To accomplish all of that, kids faced a grand deal of propaganda to make them into loyal citizens. Citizens also had compulsory activities to attend to like singing songs, camping were created to straighten Nationalism and to warship Hitler and the Nazi's. ...read more.

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