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Hitler Sources Question

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Question 1 From 'Source A' you can learn that Hitler expected either resistance or the need to intimidate the crowd as he and his men were armed. One can see that the events did not 'kick off until 8.30, as this is the time Hitler's men enter the room. Also you can observe that Hitler had planned this down to the minuet shown by the fact that he was watching his watch and the men came through as his watch hit 8.30. One can also observe that he strategically positioned himself by the door so that he was at the forefront of his men. One can also learn that Hitler knew how to get peoples attention. One can see in source A that Hitler carried a revolver. Hitler moved himself into a position of power by jumping onto the table and demanded peoples attention by firing shots into the air, again intimidating them. Question 2 In source 'A' it 'paints a picture' of violence and intimidation where as in source B it all seems to be very natural and invited. There is a mention of weapons and Steel Helmets in source A but in source B there is no evidence of a weapon or Steel Helmets, Hitler does not even have a pistol. ...read more.


It also says that the provisional government will be formed in Munich that night and that troops and police are marching the streets under the swastika. Source D also talks about the fact that Hitler was a blind cripple in a military Hospital. Question 4 Source F shows Hitler to be a hero but source G shows him to be cowardly. Source H seems to be pretty impartial it is not pointing a finger it's very neutral were as the other to giving Hitler a different perspective. Source F seems to make Hitler seem like he wasn't fleeing but saving a boy but the other sources don't mention a boy. Source G says he drove off to the mountains and source H has don't decided what happened whether it was an act of cowardice or an act of an experienced soldier. Sources G and H disagree with the time of the March. Source G states the march took place at night and source H claims it took place in the morning at about 11 O'clock but Source F does not mention a time. They all agree that Hitler ran but as I explained they all have different reasons for this. None of the Sources State who fired the first shot they seem pretty impartial to that cause. ...read more.


From then on the Nazis would use legal power to win votes. They would win votes rather than take power by force. Unbeknownst to them but the events of these few days would keep having significant repercussions in the future for example. On the tenth anniversary of the Nazi party the official Vom Rath succumbed to his wounds after being shot by a 17 year old polish Jew in retaliation for the 10,000 Polish Jews being sent over the border (of which included his mother and farther). He was actually trying to kill the ambassador but Vom Rath was the first official he saw. These actions triggered a huge amount of anti Semitic action. In conclusion the statement "The events in Munich of 8/9 November 1923 greatly increased the influence of Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany" is true as it gave Hitler and the party a great amount of publicity and a figure head to command there campaign (Hitler). It also gave Hitler a huge audience and a platform to send out his beliefs and convince a large amount of people that he was a true nationalist only wanting the best for his Farther Land. History Course Work By Ryan Leighton ...read more.

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